A Plus Warehouse Announces a New Line of Storage Bins and Related Items

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A Plus Warehouse is always adding new and interesting products for customers. This press release covers A Plus Warehouse's new storage bin items.

Clear Bins

Clear Bins

Customers should definitely check out these new items.

A Plus Warehouse is offering six new lines of storage bins. According to Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse, “The marketing department has come up with some amazing new items. Customers should definitely check out these new items.” These six new items include Quantum Clear View Clear Stacking Bins, Clear Storage Bins with Wire Shelving, Giant Clear Storage Bins and Shelving, Quantum Extra Large Storage Bins, Rack Bin and Rack Bin Systems, and Quantum Recycled Storage Bins. These products are great additions to the A Plus Warehouse collection of world class industrial products.

A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer Quantum Recycled Storage Bins. This product enables a customer to save money while saving the earth as well. This product is made with 100% recycled material. This product is available in Hang and Stack or Shelf Bin. A Plus Warehouse suggests the Hang and Stack bin if a customer is planning on using the item on louvered panels or bin cabinets.

Rack Bin and Rack Bin systems is available with either rack bins alone, or rack bins with wire shelving, Dollies for the rack bins are also available. This product is designed specifically to fit a pallet rack or any other deep rack. Although these bins happen to be quite large, they are also easy to handle. The bins also have nice features such as a wide stacking ledge and an anti-slide lock. The bins are waterproof as well.

Quantum Extra Large Storage Bins are quite large, though not as large as the rack bins. These bins are meant for holding bulky items. Like the rack bins, these bins are waterproof. Quantum Extra Large Storage Bins are also resistant to both heat and cold. They are also stackable and available with dividers and windows. However, having the bin alone is available as well.

Another interesting product that A Plus Warehouse offers is the Giant Clear Storage Bins and Shelving. The shelving with this product is available with either steel shelving or wire shelving. Steel shelving tends to be less expensive whereas wire shelving tends to be more attractive and sanitary. The clear bins are also nice if a customer needs to see what is inside a storage bin. Bins are also FDA approved.

Clear Storage Bins with Wire Shelving is a product that is very similar to the Giant Clear Storage Bins and Shelving. The difference between the two items is that the bins are smaller with this product. With this product, A Plus Warehouse also suggests bumpers and casters for mobility. This product is also only available with wire shelving.

Quantum Clear View Clear Stacking Bins is a great product for customer who want to be able to see the inventory inside the bins. These bins also are easy to handle. This is due to their front, back, and side grips. The product is also waterproof and hangs from louvered panels or rail. The product is also resistant to hot and cold.

As shown all of A Plus Warehouse’s storage bins are very high quality. This also is true for any A Plus Warehouse product. A Plus Warehouse ships high quality items quickly. The company is proud to have these new high quality items to add to the A Plus Warehouse product collection.

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