Study Breaks College Media Presents a Must-Read Breakdown of Advertising Options for Small Businesses and Explains How Print Ads Can Help Them Reach Customers and Succeed

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Study Breaks--a leading college media entertainment company--is pleased to announce an explanation of different ad options for small businesses, resulting in the conclusion that print ads are an option that should be considered for reaching both current and potential customers in niche markets. In this must-read blog, Study Breaks breaks down advertisement options and offers tips and explains why each option is useful and how each can be utilized.

A creative, high-quality print ad is just as useful--if not moreso--for small businesses as it is for large businesses (for example, Dove)

Although pricing may seem steep compared to other forms of print...a magazine ad can bring a lot of value to the table in the form of a dedicated niche audience, an established online reputation and an enhanced visual dimension of the ad itself.

For many small business owners, money is a deciding factor when it comes to advertising, and therefore their advertising is limited to a restricted number of avenues. Cheap pricing and the potential for exponential sharing almost automatically throws social media/online marketing into the forefront, begging the question: In an increasingly digital world, is print advertising still worth the investment? However, evidence suggests it is.

Print Advertising Breakdown:

Advertising in Newspapers

It's no secret that, on many levels, newspapers are failing. Readership undeniably consists of an older generation, and most papers tend to trend exclusively through their online divisions. That being said, it's also true that there are few publications that resonate with a tight-knit community more than the local paper. Many small businesses invested in a hyper-niche area (targeting the right demographic) could benefit greatly from a local ad. Newspapers carry with them a certain level of credibility that, when tapped, could serve as an ally for those looking to develop a local reputation for a low price.

Promoting Through Magazines

Magazines are a different form of print in the fact that they are independent from society’s standards, and therefore freer to embrace technology and adapt and change with the times (see augmented reality). Many have embraced magazines as a niche source, and statistics show that readership is as strong as ever, reporting that 82% of the U.S. population reads one or more magazines a month. Although pricing may seems steep compared to other forms of print (depending on the publication), a magazine ad can bring a lot of value to the table in the form of a dedicated niche audience, an established online reputation and an enhanced visual dimension of the ad itself.

Social Media Myth

Many business owners think of social media as a three-in-one package (advertising/marketing/PR), and while technically this may be the case, the simple truth is that it is extremely difficult to build a large social following without an outside source pushing traffic towards one's page. This is traditionally where a paid-for, third-party ad would come into play.

Perhaps social media is best utilized purely as a marketing tool (targeting demographics/like interests/lead generation). After all, if one believes in the Pareto Principle (more commonly known as the 80/20 rule), then one would see the importance of increasing their overall audience to consistently add towards the 20 group. It is extremely difficult to do this through social media alone, as a large chunk of content will recycle through "followed" users (who are already participating in sales). Of course, many business owners combat this by throwing parties, hosting events, posting flyers, etc., but there is an equally large group out there who is just too focused on their work to tack on that much extra organization. Instead of spending the money and investing in a third-party promotional group, they are eating up hours of time online spinning their wheels, living month-to-month with patterns of small-scale growth.

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

Study Breaks magazine is an award-winning line of monthly entertainment magazines for college students with a mission can best be explained through its slogan: We are college life. Published by Shweiki Media Printing Company, it is distributed in five Texas cities (Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos and Lubbock) and two southeast cities (Athens, GA; Columbia, SC). (

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