Study Breaks College Media Presents Must-Know Social Media Strategies for Tattoo Parlors, Explaining How They Can Use Technology to Showcase Their Work and Gain Clients

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As social media grows more and more important, it's not only recommended but crucial that businesses--especially those in a industry as visually oriented and dependent on recommendations and word of mouth as the tattoo industry--learn how to best utilize the different networks and outlets. Here Study Breaks--a leading college media entertainment company--presents tattoo parlors with customized, must-know tips for using the different forms of social media and explains the best marketing methods for each network to help owners gain (and maintain) customers.

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Image-oriented sites like Pinterest are perfect outlets for tattoo parlors to house, showcase and share the work of their artists

Websites such as Tattoo SEO have the sole purpose of connecting people with tattoo artists. It is not only important but crucial for a business to get their artists included in these databases to help bring in business...

Social media is here to stay. This fact is inevitable. The best way to use it, however, is debatable, and the best outlets and ways to use them differ for each industry. Here Study Breaks College Media takes on the tattoo industry and presents ways that tattoo parlors can become social media savvy and boost their business.


Facebook is an extremely important tool for tattoo parlors to use and is the most widely used social media platform. The simple creation of a business page for a tattoo parlor can present many opportunities…

•Publishing online artist portfolios and artwork
•Featuring guest or visiting artists
•Posting promotions or contests
•Creating event pages for sponsored or hosted events
•Asking questions to fans or using polls to gather information
•Linking to outside articles regarding new types of tattooing or other body modifications
•Posting How-To's on tattoo and piercing care
•Highlighting employees and artists to give the business a human side


Pinterest usage has boomed since its creation in 2011 and is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to date. Though the users are 80% female, it would be unwise for any type of business—especially one, like a tattoo business, in such a visually oriented industry--to ignore it. For example, "Tattoos" is one of the pre-set categories offered at the top search bar on the Pinterest homepage. This alone shows that this could be an amazing tool to use and that there are many amazing features that can benefit a tattoo parlor.

•Showcasing tattoo artists and their portfolios by creating "boards" for each artist
•Providing search capabilities for type of tattoo or new tattoo ideas
•Allowing for broad or narrow search when it comes to tattoos
•Allowing searchers to locate tattoo shops in certain cities by the use of tags


The tattoo industry relies heavily on reviews. Whether it be in the form of a formal Yelp review or simply a word-of-mouth review, a tattoo shop can be hit hard by negative feedback. Yelp is a popular way for customers to give feedback to the locations that they visit, and if negative feedback is not handled properly, the consequences can be serious.

How a business can use Yelp best:
•Replying personally to every review, whether it be good or bad
•Never being defensive or insult those who give negative reviews; it will only make the situation worse
•Acknowledging all comments/suggestions given
•Apologizing if needed and performing damage control if the situation calls for it

Tattoo Networking Sites

Websites such as Tattoo SEO have the sole purpose of connecting people with tattoo artists. They provide online databases of artists that are available to search. It is not only important but crucial for a business to get their artists included in these databases to help bring in business. After all, if a potential customer is set on finding their artist on a site like this, by not participating and putting their employees out there a business is taking themselves out of the running entirely.

Other Tattoo Networking Sites:

  •     TattoosOn
  •     The Tattoo Artist Network
  •     Ink Freakz


Twitter is an important tool for any business to use, allowing them to reach hundreds or thousands of users at once and also communicate one-on-one with individuals. However, it is less important in the tattoo market due to the nature of the transactions. Getting a tattoo takes thought and research; it is unlikely that one tweet will sway a potential customer on whether or not to come in—no matter how many hashtags are used. Twitter does however allow a few key business strategies for tattoo parlors.


  •     Giving the business a voice
  •     Allowing for quick communication between potential customers and the business
  •     Providing the opportunity to showcase exceptional artwork by tweeting photos
  •     Making it possible for promotions to be sent out to potential customers quickly

Study Breaks College Media provides a one-stop solution for small businesses, providing them with big marketing strategies and delivering college students.

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