It’s the Sugar, Stupid – Karen Bentley Releases New Book

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Why you’re still fat and what you can do about it.

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A new book, The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Handbook: How to beat the sweets, add back the fat and be skinny ever after, is for out-of-control eaters and for people who have not been successful on traditional low-fat and/or low-calorie diets. A radically new approach to weight loss is needed because statistics show that 95% of all traditional dieters fail! They either give up before the weight is lost or they quickly regain pounds and inches shortly after the program is over – plus some!

Low-fat and low-calorie diets don’t work because your appetite is never satisfied and you constantly feel hungry. This kind of dieting also exacerbates the impulse to over eat or binge. And even worse, a low-fat approach makes it okay to eat foods that are rich in starch or made with caloric sweeteners. Over 195 million Americans adults are now overweight. Many of them are desperate. All of them are frustrated with the results they aren’t getting. Over the last 30 years, ever since the low-fat craze caught on, the U.S. obesity rate skyrocketed from 13% to 33%. The CDC’s call it an epidemic and project that the obesity trend will worsen to 40% within the next 10 years. Something is very wrong. Low-fat and low-calorie diets have simply failed the test of time.    

The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Handbook shows how to overcome these horrendous weight-loss odds by smashing the low-fat weight loss myth and making it okay to eat fats. Learn why sugar is the foe in your diet and naturally-occurring dietary fat is your friend. Why fat is essential; sugar isn’t. Why fat is missed by the body, sugar isn’t. Not even a little. As Bill Clinton might say, it’s the sugar, stupid!

--Read about the gorgeous Greta, a 60-something woman who followed a low-fat regime for a year and ended up ½ pound lighter and 2-inches wider.

--Read about Mark, a 56-year old former athlete, who followed a vigorous exercise program and low fat diet for six weeks with NO change in weight.

There is hope for the Greta and Marks of the world, but the role of fat and sugar in the diet have to be re-examined and reversed before concrete results are experienced. Author, Karen Bentley, personally lost 70 pounds on this program, and then did the hard part – she kept it off. In fact, the biggest and best difference between The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet and every other program is that it’s sustainable – which means you can live with it day in and day out. This is because it’s written by a real person, who lives in the real world, and who deals with the same obstacles and problems that everyone else deals with. Even more importantly, a real person can dare to step outside the politically correct nutrition box and say what really works, instead of what’s supposed to work but doesn’t!

Bentley provides specific, concrete strategies for shedding unwanted pounds and inches, including:

  •     How to identify and eliminate the most lethal toxins that leads to weight gain.

  •     How to become a sugar detective and why you must not trust nutrition labels to make purchase decisions.

  •     How to choose naturally occurring dietary fats and why you must include fat in your diet to be successful.
  •     How to make five practical, easy changes in your diet right now, today!
  •     How to make food decisions based on simple “red-yellow-green” eating guidelines. There’s no counting calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams, glycemic index or anything else that’s even slightly complicated.

Karen Bentley is an award-winning physical educator and one of a handful of sugar-free eating experts in the world today. She’s the founder and CEO of The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Company, the author of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet™ Handbook, the editor and contributor to The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet™ Cookbook Collection; the author of 3 other weight loss books as well as numerous workbooks and published articles. Bentley is also America’s Spiritual Reviewer and provides uplifting reviews of books and movies from a unique love-based perspective.

AVAILABILITY: Nationwide and Canada via telephone

CONTACT: The Sugar-Free Miracle™ Diet Company; 866.766.EASY (toll free) expert @;


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