Suncoast Rehab Center Saves Alcoholic Mother’s Life with Narconon Program

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Suncoast Rehab Center recovers a mother from alcohol addiction and returns her to her son.

Suncoast Rehab Center Success

Suncoast Rehab Center Success

These days I like myself more. I’m thinking clearer. I have hope again for my future! Now I am happy. I want to thank you and everyone else at Suncoast Rehab Center for teaching me all that you did, you truly have saved my life.

Suncoast Rehab Center addresses a mother’s alcohol addiction and saves her from a life of uncontrollable drinking and possible early death due to alcohol related causes such as an accident, alcohol poisoning or another seizure. Upon completing the Narconon long term residential program delivered at Suncoast Rehab, Julie M. returned home to her son who now has restored his faith in her.

Julie tells her story, “I really wanted to quit drinking, and had made many sincere attempts to do so, but sooner or later I would drink again…my history includes several detoxes and stays in rehabs, therapy, participation in AA, all done with the hope of getting and  remaining sober.”

“By the time I got to SRC I was already thinking insanely. I would often think “if only I could sober up, and get the house fully cleaned, then I can die.”  My concern was that after I died my mother-in-law would come to clean out the house I live in with my son and husband, of all my belongings and then would discover my secret, that my bedroom was a huge mess.   Sounds crazy right!  I sure was.”

“Today, thankfully to the excellent staff and the program of study that is taught at Suncoast Rehab Center, I think with much better reasoning skills,” says Julie.
“While at Suncoast Rehab Center, I was given the necessary help and guidance to start repairing the two most important relationships in my life: my relationship with my son, and my relationship with myself.  Due to my horrible behavior while drunk, I was ruining my relationship with my son.  He was losing any faith he had left in me, with each relapse;”  says Julie.

As Julie continued her sobriety her son regained his faith in her and he sent her a birthday card in June with these words, “Dear Mom, I am so proud of how far you have come over the last year, not just in terms of your sobriety, but as a person too.  And I am so happy to have you back.  Love, Bobby”

Then, back in August, Julie’s husband set up a scenario, trying his best to get her to drink.  He started a vicious argument, full of threats, and then came home from an overnight trip with a cooler of vodka and beer, and continued to yell at her.  “Had I not learned what information is contained in Book 5 (Narconon Ups & Downs of Life Course) I believe I definitely would have gotten drunk.” Julie did not start drinking and is still sober.

“These days I like myself more. I’m thinking clearer. I have hope again for my future! Now I am happy. I want to thank you and everyone else at Suncoast Rehab Center for teaching me all that you did, you truly have saved my life,” concludes Julie.

Julie could have lost her son forever and ended up alone or in an early grave. Instead, today she is living a productive, sober life free of alcohol.

Suncoast Rehab Center has an outstanding success rate of 76% of graduates achieving recovery from addiction. Suncoast graduates are followed up with 2 years of after treatment and are still drug-free. The answer to this high rate of success lies with their experienced staff and use of the Narconon program. The Narconon program not only detoxifies the addict’s body from drug and alcohol toxins and thereby eliminates cravings, they also train their students on specific life skills courses that address the reasons they sought out drugs or alcohol to begin with. The student leaves Suncoast alcohol or drug-free and with new life skills and knowledge with which to handle life's problems.

Suncoast Rehab Center, located in Spring Hill, Florida, is a private non-profit agency that is licensed by the State of Florida. The Rehab is dedicated to expanding their drug education and prevention efforts so new addicts are not made while daily assisting those in their alcohol drug rehab program to overcome the agony caused by substance abuse so they can again live happy and productive lives without drugs. If you or someone you know needs help with an alcohol or drug abuse problem, call a certified counselor day or night for real help NOW 1-800-511-9403.


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