Pine Nut Oil – Cooking for a Super Foods Diet

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Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil makes every meal more satisfying and nutritious. provides tips on cooking with pine nut oil as a regular part of a super foods diet. Pine nut oil is known as one of the select items that are found on the list of super foods recommended for humans to ingest on a regular basis. As the leading producer of pine nut oil in the world, provides readers with tips on cooking with the oil and using it in their daily eating routine.

Pine nut oil is a gourmet culinary oil that can be used in kitchens in a variety of creative ways. It can be used as an ingredient in dips, soups, sauces, spreads, salads, proteins and even desserts. It can be used in baking and light sautéing, or as an absolutely delightful dipping oil. The super food can be used on a salad or in any favorite dishes that call for vegetable oil as a replacement. Most importantly, pine nut oil makes every meal more satisfying and nutritious.

Most recipes including pine nut oil are Mediterranean based, originating from Greece, Italy and France. The Mediterranean diet is one of the best diets to follow for promoting health, wellness and longevity. This particular diet includes many of the foods that are a part of the list of super foods suggested as a part of a healthy super foods diet.

Another option for combining pine nut oil into a daily cooking is with baking. As a rule of thumb, pine nut oil can replace butter with a 25% decrease in volume. For example, if a recipe calls for one cup of butter, use 3/4 cup of pine nut oil instead.

Pine nut oil makes every meal more conducive to achieving healing and wellness. It provides a more satisfying and nutritious meal for the human body. The super food provides a much needed antioxidant boost to protect the body and from the damaging effects of free radicals leading to gastritis, peptic ulcers and other disorders. Making pine nut oil a regular ingredient in cooking will go a long way towards healing and preventing gastric erosions and ulcerations.

In addition to being a super food and a potent gastrointestinal healer and digestive aid, pine nut oil is also successfully used in naturopathic medicine to treat cardiovascular, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders. Pine nut oil also offers powerful antioxidant protection to those exposed to increased oxidative stress (a group that includes pretty much everybody living in industrialized countries in the 21st century).

The oil from pine nuts has been extracted in the Ural Mountains and Siberia for many decades. Ancestors have consumed cedar nut oil and used it for medical purposes since the ancient times. In XIX century cedar nut oil could be bought on any Siberian market. It has been home-made with the use of only the simplest machinery since its discovery. Pine nut oil has a soft taste, gold-and-amber color and a wonderful smell of nuts. Its flavor qualities surpass the best grades of olive oil and almond oil, and the strength of its medicinal effect exceeds sea buckthorn, burdock, coconut and high grade olive oil. All of these features make it pleasure to consume on a regular basis for medical needs or cook with as an exquisite ingredient.

Siberian Pine uses an old technology to produce a product that is just as useful in modern times. The pine nuts used to create their oil are harvested in the wild and gathered only in ecologically pure regions of the taiga. The oil is create from true Siberian pine trees and is pressed using the ancient cold pressing technology, just as it has been done throughout history.

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About Siberian Pines:
The Siberian Pines Company has been a leading producer and supplier of Siberian pine nut oil since 2003. Siberian Pines produces high quality 100% cold-pressed pine nut oil and supplies it worldwide. They maintain the highest quality product and service by managing the process from the collection of Siberian pine nuts, to the production of the oil and delivering it to your front door.

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