What Would Happen If You Only Eat Food That Is Good For You - Reporter to Document Wellness Experiment Online and Via Social Media

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In an unusual and highly visible experiment to test the claims of natural food advocates, veteran journalist and baby boomer Mike Wendland will forgo burgers, fast food, soda and junk food to see what happens when he only eats supposedly healthy food, supplemented by vitamins, minerals and herbs.

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The growing trend towards natural foods and healthy living choices is about to get a hands on test from a skeptical baby boomer who has had enough with yo-yo dieting and junk food.

Remember Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me movie and his experiment to see what would happen if he only ate food from McDonalds? At the end of 30 days, he was so sick he was advised to stop the experiment.

But what would happen if – instead of fast food – someone were to eat only good-for-you food? Nutritious food, organic fruits and vegetables supplemented, when needed, by the right vitamins and minerals.

That’s the quest veteran journalist Mike Wendland has begun with a project called Super Healthy Me, to be chronicled online through a website and blog that will allow people to follow the project through every possible form of social media.

And that’s only fitting as Wendland, a correspondent on NBC-TV stations across the country since 1994, is known as PC Mike because of his expertise in computers, gadgets and the Internet.

“I have no idea what to expect,” said Wendland. “I will stick to this plan for at least 90 days and detail every part of it. I suspect there’s a lot of other people like me who are wondering of all this natural food hype is the real deal.”

Wendland got his inspiration from Super Size Me, and more recent films such as Food, Inc., King Corn and Food Matters.

“We have an epidemic of obesity in this nation because the majority of food we buy in the supermarket and sold at most restaurants is simply not very good for us,” he contends. “We have chickens raised in windowless warehouses. Cows are fed corn instead of grasses and then infused with massive amounts of antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. Commercially grown fruits and vegetables are sprayed with insecticides, fungicides and poisons that contaminate the very ground they are planted in. No wonder we’re sick and fat.”

Wendland, at 65 and now approaching his senior citizen years, has fought a lifelong battle with obesity, losing weight by dieting and exercise, only to gain it back.
“I know diets don’t work so I’m out to discover what will really happen if I make a change involving the type of food I eat.,” he says. “I’m going to test all the claims we keep hearing from these natural food boosters. I know what the old way got me. Let’s see if their way is really any better.”

Working with a nutrition coach, a medical doctor and a fitness adviser, he will follow a plan that involves whole, nutrient-rich foods, organically grown, supplemented as needed by vitamins, herbs and minerals.

“I’m as addicted to sugar as the next person, he said. “The thought of limiting my extra strong coffee intake is almost giving me the shakes. And I can’t believe life can exist without burgers. But I’m going to be so public with this that readers of my blogs and viewers of my YouTube videos are going to hold me accountable. Just what will happen if I only eat good food? We’ll all find out together.”

He will also incorporate lots of exercise into a fitness routine, including spinning classes, running, weight-lifting and endurance sports such as long distance cycling.
Wendland will blog his experiences at SuperHealthyMe.com and disseminate his every move a variety of social media tools. He will use Twitter to post the nutrition totals of each meal, the FourSquare location service to show his whereabouts, the photo sharing service Flickr to show what he is eating and YouTube videos for documentary-style reporting on his wellness quest.

Wendland began the project Nov. 3, 2011. He will be on the new program during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.
“I lot of people think I’m nuts for starting it now,” he said. “But I want the next phase of my lie to be vibrant and healthy. So if the claims about natural food are correct, then I want to find out. And there’s no better time than now.”


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