Surrogacy in India - ISO Certified ART Clinic Expert Invited to the USA

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Medical Tourism Corporation has arranged a unique get-together on 'Surrogacy in India' on January 28, 2009 with Dr Gautam Allahbadia, who is a renowned infertility management expert. He is part of Medical Tourism Corporation's network of global doctors, the VP of World Association of Reproductive Medicine, and a visiting lecturer at Tel Aviv University, Israel. Dr Allahbadia has also published more than 120 scientific journal articles. The seminar will provide comprehensive information on all aspects of India surrogacy programs to intending parents. Low cost of surrogate mothers, high quality fertility clinics and favourable laws have made India a leading destination for surrogacy.


We extensively screen egg donors and surrogates for infectious diseases and any family history of diseases. And the results of such screening are made available to the intended parents.

Medical Tourism Corporation, the leading facilitator of low cost medical travel abroad, will host a seminar on 'Surrogacy in India' in Dallas, on 28 January 2009.

The seminar presents a unique opportunity to individuals desiring surrogacy services in India of interacting one-on-one with one of the world's leading authorities on surrogacy and infertility: Dr Gautam Allahbadia.

Dr Allahbadia heads the leading fertility clinic in India and is the Vice-President of the World Association of Reproductive Medicine. He is also on the drafting committee of the upcoming surrogacy legislation in India and has authored over 120 scientific papers in Indian and international peer-reviewed journals, 60 book chapters, and 13 textbooks.

Dr Allahbadia has this to say about the surrogacy program he runs in India: "From 2005 till date, we have had numerous deliveries and we haven't had a single problem - medical or medico-legal. The program is growing well. Annually we have a surrogacy success rate of about 50% when we consider that we have patients who are women aged 38 or 39 who require surrogate mothers for bearing children. With young and healthy donors, we have 60% success rate."

The topics that will be covered in the meeting are: an overview of gestational surrogacy in India, what to expect from surrogacy programs in India, how to plan for it, and, a review of case studies of successful surrogacy of American clients in the past, legal issues, cost, and frequently asked questions.

Surrogacy in India routinely attracts intending parents from across the globe, thanks to the highly experienced and skilled doctors and medical staff (who also speak English very fluently), friendly attitude towards surrogacy adopted by the Indian government, the largely non-litigious nature of Indian society and most important the cost that is about one fourth of that in the USA.

Indian Parliament will soon enact a law on surrogacy to regulate all aspects related to it (currently, surrogacy programs in India are run along the guidelines drawn by the Indian Council of Medical Research.- ICMR). The surrogacy law will lay down comprehensive guidelines on the processes to be followed by ART clinics in India, eligibility of intending parents for surrogacy, parental rights, and the like.

India clinics also has a successful and anonymous donor egg IVF program that helps infertile women, and gay and single men to experience the joys of parenthood. Medical Tourism Corporation's partner clinic in India has high rates of success in surrogacy both with donor and non-donor eggs. Not all fertility clinics in India are as transparent or as meticulous in their documentation. A clinic's success rates often help intending parents to make the decision.

"Our partner clinic is ISO-certified and takes care of all procedures related to surrogacy under one roof. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization Certification and indicates an organization that has thoroughly document its processes and adheres to a strict audit requirements."

"Also, our clinic has many satisfied patients from the heterosexual, same sex, and single parent category." All patients, who are medically fit for surrogacy, are accepted into the program. The intending parents need to show a letter from their reproductive endocrinologist in their home country indicating that they cannot carry the baby to term. We do not discriminate among our patients based on their sexual orientation or marital status.

Dr Kaushal Kadam, director of oocyte donation from our partner clinic, says, "We extensively screen egg donors and surrogates for infectious diseases and any family history of diseases. And the results of such screening are made available to the intended parents."

She adds, "Regular updates are given to the parents about the progress of the surrogate and their baby. Utmost care is taken of the surrogate so that the parents can rest assured that the baby is in good hands. A large majority of our patients come from the US and UK. We have surrogacy clients from more than 10 countries."

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates each step along the intended parent(s)' surrogacy journey to parenthood, so that there are no surprises in the process. This includes arranging affordable travel, hotels, expediting efficient and quick communication with the doctors, and helping with numerous frequently asked questions related to surrogacy in India.

Intending parents may have many questions like how will the baby's name appear on the birth certificate, what is the process to get a passport for the baby (countries have different rules for granting citizenship to babies born out of surrogacy), will a genetic test be done to prove that they are the genetic parents, how long will it take after the delivery to bring the baby back home, etc.

These and more questions need to be answered before they make up their minds. The seminar in Dallas is a good opportunity for individuals desiring surrogacy in India to get information first hand from one of the most outstanding fertility experts in the world.


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