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‘Above Average’ Joe, the Managing Editor at Survival Life, has released the latest Digital Newsletter.

Well on its way to becoming a preeminent member of the survival blog-o-sphere, is contributing to the conversation and hopes readers do as well.

The latest Digital Newsletter, full of useful advice and tips for the American prepper, has been released to readers. It features articles from Managing Editor ‘Above Average’ Joe as well as Survival Life contributors.

The main article comes from Craig Johnson, one of’s newest contributors. He has a decade of experience as an outdoor educator and park naturalist/ranger. Johnson’s areas of expertise include firearms, outdoor skills, plants, and wildlife.

Johnson’s current newsetter article features valuable insight on gun care and cleaning, which he claims is a vital aspect of owning a firearm.

“No matter what we use them for,” wrote Johnson, “if you need to depend on your gun it needs to be well kept and in good shape. One of the quickest ways for a gun to fail you is if it becomes dirty. If your gun fails, you instantly go from having a high powered, ranged weapon to a large club.”

The Survival Tip of the Day article was written by Joe, and it includes tips on clearing the typical post-holiday clutter of cardboard boxes. Most everyone has a pile of cardboard accumulated from gifts and packages, and Joe advises readers on what to do with the remnants of a season’s worth of gift boxes.

“Many people keep the vast majority of their survival supplies in their garage and if your garage is cluttered and otherwise inaccessible, you will lose a lot of time if you have to evacuate your home,” wrote Joe.

Uses like compost, fire starting, and even selling boxes to secondhand stores will easily solve the clutter problem.

The last article from the newsletter is the Practical Prepper section, which highlights one of Joe’s holiday gifts that sent him on a wild goose chase for important accessories. His wife bought him a handgun, and he immediately set out to find ammunition.

After unsuccessful trips around town to find ammo, Joe said “I finally had to break down and take a 30 mile drive out to Cabela’s. 200 rounds and $70 later I finally had my ammunition. Unfortunately the gun ranges were closed and I still have not been able to go out and fire my new handgun.”

His struggle to find ammo for his gun inspired a call to his readers: “Do you know of any good places either online or brick and mortar stores to purchase ammunition? How long is this shortage of ammunition going to last? Is it just the result of a Christmas rush on ammo, or is this a sign of things to come?”

Articles like these are featured daily on, alongside content other prepper blogs, product reviews, e-book reviews, and a variety of topics on disaster preparation and survival. It is a non-politically biased source that is geared toward the survival side of prepping. Subscriptions to the daily newsletter brings all of the latest information from straight to readers’ inboxes.

Whether readers need wilderness survival tips or strategies to plan for an urban disaster, covers it all. Well on its way to becoming a preeminent member of the survival blog-o-sphere, is contributing to the conversation and hopes readers do as well.

As Joe and the team like to say, “It’s your life. Prepare to survive.”

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