New Book Reveals Author’s Proposals for Saving Western Civilization

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In ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’, author Robert Skaf lays out his suggestions for how the major crises of our time can be tackled.

'Survival: The Ultimate Mission' by Robert Skaf

Our economy has been on the decline for the last three decades. We can no longer afford to remain passive about the situation. ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’ offers clear and decisive solutions on how to tackle this problem.

Many people share common aspirations, from the philosophical, like discovering the meaning of life; to spiritual matters, such as leaving a legacy when one’s life comes to an end; to the current and practical hopes of improving life on earth for its inhabitants. Yet, along with hopes lie many common challenges: a struggling economy, high unemployment, widespread pollution, and the seemingly never-ending search for peace. Entrepreneur Robert Skaf shares these aspirations and observations and has come up with a plan, which he details in his new book ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’.

Skaf unfolds his plan in three parts. First, he focuses on the meaning of life, offering what he refers to as a “scientific explanation of immortality.” Here, he explains why “as an intelligent species we have evolved to be great creators and how by creating new universes we have secured immortality for ourselves.”

In the second part, the author introduces his key suggestion for radically altering the future: creating a world in which personal automobiles are no longer needed and vehicles are powered by direct current delivered through an electrical web. He explains how the widespread adoption of this goal by business and governments would not only benefit the environment, but also solve the unemployment crisis.

Finally, in the third section, the author unveils what he calls the “survival industry,” as well as suggestions for how governments can create “billions of jobs and add trillions of dollars to the world economy.” The survival industry involves treating unemployment as a global problem and focuses on a goal of zero unemployment. Skaf believes this will be possible due to jobs created to support the new technologies needed for the new types of vehicles that will replace personal automobiles, as well as Mach speed trains to replace airplanes and to supply the electricity needed to run them, as well as for other purposes.

Skaf’s decision to write this book initially grew out of his desire to find answers for himself. “For most of my life,” he explains, “I was curious to know more about the meaning and purpose of life.” But he then realized that his concerns were the concerns of many others as well. “After writing several papers on the subject, I finally realized that survival is on the mind of every species if not everything that exists. ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’ is the latest version and hopefully the final one.”

Skaf is both critical of the current situation and hopeful for the future. He says, “Western civilization is at the risk of collapsing. Our economy has been on the decline for the last three decades. We can no longer afford to remain passive about the situation. ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’ offers clear and decisive solutions on how to tackle this problem.”

But the book is not all he has to offer. Through his website,, Skaf invites individuals who wish to do more to join with him to bring his vision to fruition.

‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’ is published exclusively in e-book format by The book is available through several popular online retailers, including,, Apple’s iBookstore, and Author Robert Skaf is available for interviews. Book reviewers may request a review copy of the e-book by contacting the author.

About Robert Skaf
Robert Skaf has been an entrepreneur for over forty years and now runs a small business in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. After observing the weakening of the economy of the western world and noticing how millions of jobs are being lost, Robert felt compelled to become politically active. With what started as an essay, Robert realized that his vision about future projects that could revive the economy and create billions of jobs around the world could not just stay on paper but had to be shared in a larger medium all around the world. Robert is a true innovative leader and through this essay he encourages others to take action and become true leaders themselves by reading, ‘Survival: The Ultimate Mission’.

Since 2010, (based in Sudbury, Massachusetts) has helped thousands of authors and publishers get their books converted to ebook format, and distributed to all the major ebook retailers, including,, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Readerstore, Ingram Digital, and Google eBookstore.

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