Swarovski Limited Editions Are Now Easier to Find at Crystal Exchange America, a Retired Swarovski Dealer

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Crystal Exchange America is an online store with reputable Swarovski dealers featuring discontinued and retired Swarovski. They recently revised their online store, enabling crystal-collecting consumers to locate and purchase Limited Edition Swarovski figurines more efficiently.

Swarovski Limited Edition Hong Kong figurine from 1997

Crystal Exchange America is very in tune with Swarovski collectors’ expectations for a user-friendly site. With a revived collector interest in Limited Editions, Crystal Exchange America has added a category to the store dedicated to Limited Edition Swarovski. The new category focuses on crystal figurines that Swarovski markets (or has marketed) as limited edition pieces to all Swarovski collectors.

Swarovski crystal figurines in ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ are generally limited by quantity or a short term production run. Some of the Swarovski Limited Editions have sequence numbers on them. Some of the limited editions have numbered certificates. And some of the limited editions simply have the production year on the crystal. No matter how Swarovski determined and labeled the limited editions, they are still highly sought after by Swarovski collectors due to their uniqueness.

While the newer category may seem like a re-invention of their category ‘Collector Society / SCS Annual and Limited Editions, the two categories are completely different and do not include any Swarovski crystal figurines in both categories. SCS Annual and Limited Editions are crystal pieces that could be purchased by an SCS member. Crystal in this category includes the Swarovski Annual Editions and certain Numbered Limited Editions (production max of 10,000 units). SCS yearly crystal figures in this category include: Swarovski Caring and Sharing (1987 - 1989): Lovebirds, Woodpeckers, and Turtledoves; Swarovski Mother and Child (1990 - 1992): Dolphins, Seals, and Whales; Swarovski Inspiration Africa (1993 - 1995): Elephant, Kudu, and Lion; Swarovski Fabulous Creature (1996 - 1998): Unicorn, Dragon, and Pegasus; Swarovski Masquerade (1999 - 2001): Pierrot, Columbine, and Harlequin; Swarovski Magic of Dance (2002 - 2004): Isadora, Antonio, and Anna; Swarovski Wonders of the Sea (2005 - 2007): Harmony, Community, and Eternity; and Swarovski Endangered Wildlife (2008 - 2010): Pandas, Gorillas, and Tiger. The Numbered Limited Editions in this category include: Swarovski Eagle (Limited Edition,1995), Swarovski Peacock (Limited Edition, 1998), Swarovski Wild Horses (Limited Edition, 2001), Swarovski Bull (Limited Edition, 2004), Swarovski Elephant (Limited Edition, 2006), and Swarovski Rhinoceros (Limited Edition, 2008).

The Swarovski pieces in new category ‘Limited Edition Swarovski’ differs in that the company Swarovski did not require SCS membership as a prerequisite to purchase the item directly from them. The partial list here mentions some of the crystal in the new category: Swarovski Lovlots Limited Editions: Shady, Pinky Mo, Soccer Mo, Flower Mo, Halloween Mo, Violetta, Theo, and Ziggy; Disney Collection Limited Editions: Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse Sorcerer, and Pinocchio; Limited Edition Masks; and Other Limited Editions….most recently the Swarovski Limited Edition Black Panther (sold out in April, 2010).

For more information about Limited Edition Swarovski, visit http://www.crystalexchange.com/swarovskiLimitedEditionCrystal.html.

Crystal Exchange America has over 13 years of experience and assists collectors adding crystal to their Swarovski collection as well as helping those who want to liquidate Swarovski crystal collections or sell only a part of them. Crystal Exchange America, a retired Swarovski dealer, specializes in discontinued and retired Swarovski crystal.

For the avid crystal collector looking for more than the Swarovski figurines, Crystal Exchange America also sells the most popular books on Swarovski Crystal as well as software to easily inventory a Swarovski Crystal collection. Two of the collectors’ favorite Swarovski price guides are written and published by Swarovski collectors: Warner’s Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski.

Crystal Exchange America is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Swarovski. Crystal Exchange America is an independent company providing a specialist service to collectors of Swarovski Crystal and Swarovski Silver Crystal.


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