$3,000+ in prize winners announced for November 2012 Sweepstakes Ninja Sweepstakes Draws

Sweepstakes Ninja has finalized the drawings for the November 2012 prizes, and thanks all the company sponsors who participated. Over $3,000+ was given away in prizes for the month of November 2012.

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Sweepstakes Ninja - November 2012 Winners List

Sweepstakes Ninja - November 2012 Winners List

Thanks! I'm SOOOO excited to be selected as a winner! Sweepstakes Ninja is AMAZING!

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

Sweepstakes Ninja, a company specializing in online sweepstakes, announces prize winners for November 2012. Sweepstakes Ninja is a service that helps connect consumers with companies. Consumers get the chance to win amazing prizes, and companies benefit from the increased publicity and exposure. This makes it a 'win-win' situation for both.

Sweepstakes Ninja would like to first publicly thank the following companies for their participation in the November 2012 sweepstakes draw sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Ninja would like to thank the following companies for their participation:

  • XShot.com - Specializing in unique and innovative camera accessories.
  • us.Travalo.com - Carry-on perfume spray bottles for women
  • ShaveTech.com - USB Shaver for Men
  • CustomKnitsforBaby.com - Handmade, custom baby clothing
  • JVNaturals.com - All natural deodorant for children
  • Katazoom.com - Unique wall decals for home and office
  • RealTechniques.com - Makeup for women
  • BringItUp.com - Breast Enhancers for Women
  • SafePaw.com - Pet-Friendly Ice Melting Products
  • HipHopBling.com - Hip Hop Jewelry for aspiring artists
  • TheSlanket.com - The blanket without sleeves!
  • AdultSafetyBand.com - Children friendly wrist bands
  • Zacalife.com - Topical Recovery Patch
  • MilitaryApparelCompany.com - Military Apparel Clothing Line
  • VelvetChokers.com - Fashionable Chokers/Jewelry for Women
  • Curls.biz - Lavish Curls for Hair
  • Restaurant.com - Best Deals and Discounts on local restaurants
  • PowerSkin.com - iPhone/Galaxy Samsung Battery cases
  • ZinaKao.com - specialized jewelery
  • BeeZid.com - Penny Auction site for the best deals
  • BlackJackStrategyPro.com - Learn how to improve your blackjack game
  • EasyCalendarMaker.com - Making Calendars Easy
  • SpareOne.com - Emergency Cellphone
  • HotHotSoftware.com - unique business applications for business users
  • RealKidsShades.com - Sunglasses specially designed for children

Congratulations to the following winners (listed in no particular order):

Kathryn C., Donna S., Tammie W., Kellie K., Jennifer H, Julie T., Michelle K,
Charlotte Y., Angela C., Brenda P,. Paula R., Sondra N., Richard P., Cindi S.,
Natalie K., Cindi S., Karen K., Shannon C., Margaret B., Kim R., Johni O.,
Karen W., Patrick M., Michael S., Teresa D., Denise S., Mark W., Donna S.,
Shirley S., Debra O., Terry M.



Sweepstakes Ninja - November 2012 Winners List Sweepstakes Ninja - November 2012 Sponsors List

Sweepstakes Ninja - November 2012 Winners List