Top 10 New Movies to Rent from to Beat Swine Flu Blues

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With Swine Flu fever descending across the UK, the film experts at have put together a list of titles to help get through the crisis. So whether quarantined, or trying to escape from the "Flu" by watching a good film, Blockbuster have a solution for home entertainment.

With Swine Flu fever descending across the UK, the film experts at have put together a list of titles to help get through the crisis. So whether quarantined, or trying to escape from the "Flu" by watching a good film, Blockbuster have a solution for home entertainment.

Blockbuster's hand-picked collection of "Swine Flu Essentials" movies will help overcome the Swine Flu blues. Movies rented online will be delivered by post or alternatively they can be rented from the local Blockbuster store. For flu sufferers the option to "phone a friend" to pick up some DVD rentals without waiting for the postal delivery is good way to get the movies straightaway. Great value for money and very convenient, also kids' movie rentals are free in stores when 2 or more film titles are rented.

Near the top of the list is, "Knowing", which is exclusive to Blockbuster and not available anywhere else, a great sci-fi thriller starring Nicolas Cage. A time capsule is dug up at school, buried decades ago which contains the dates and locations for every major disaster from the thirties until now. Dark mysterious and intense this film is from the director of Dark City and I, Robot, definitely one you will not forget anytime soon.

Duplicity is another exclusive to Blockbuster. Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, it is a caper thriller about a pair of corporate spies who team up to pull off the ultimate con on their respective bosses. Written and directed by the man behind the three Bourne movies, this is a clever film that jumps back and forth in time as the past relationship of the two main characters is revealed.

Renee Zellweger stars in the romantic comedy "New in Town". When ambitious Lucy Hill is asked to manage one of her firm's struggling manufacturing plants to bring this into line with company standards, she jumps at the chance to further her career. After moving from the big city to the remote town of New Ulm, she soon regrets her decision, but gradually warms to the local community and comes up with a fool-proof scheme to save the plant.

In Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood plays a racist, bitter old main near the end of his days who unintentionally befriends a Vietnamese family living next door when he saves their son from a gang of youths. The story and pacing of the film is perfect and it is a life affirming tale that will grip you for the duration.

From the director of 300 comes this alternative comic book thriller "Watchmen" based on one of the darkest and most influential books of the 20th Century. In an alternative 1985, superheroes are real but retired, forced out of service by President Richard Nixon, who has survived Watergate and is on his fourth term. Dark gritty and brilliant, it'll take a few views to catch everything going on in this picture. Possibly not the most uplifting movie to watch, but certainly one to escape the Swine flu outbreak, after all it could be worse!

All round nice guy Colin Firth stars in a beautifully shot drama, Genova, which is also in the list. An interesting film, it starts out as a romantic drama with Colin Firth mourning the death of his wife, and raising his daughters alone. They relocate to Italy so his family can move on from their loss but things take a darker turn when one of the daughters start to see the ghost of their dead mother. A film with a difference but worth watching!

Marley and Me is an excellent romantic comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. Based on a true story, the film tells the story of two journalists who fall in love, settle down, and have children and the impact that their feisty Labrador "Marley" has on their lives. Owen Wilson stars as John Grogan, whose memoirs the film is based on; Aniston stars as John's wife Jennifer Grogan. We follow the antics of the family from where they get a cute puppy Marley who grows into a 100 pound, impulsive dog. It's a good film, like a grown up version of Beethoven but focusing on the relationship more than the dog. By the end of the film, all your troubles will be gone unless you get a fit of coughing because of laughing so much!

If looking to entertain the whole family, Blockbuster has hundreds of family movies to choose from. Three recommendations included in the list are; Hotels for Dogs, the Secret of Moonacre and the Pick Panther 2.

Based on the children's book by Lois Duncan, Hotel for Dogs tells the story of two foster kids living in a home with a strict "no dogs" policy who stumble across an abandoned hotel and turn it into a home for their dog Friday, and in turn, all the strays in the city. A children's film best described as this year's Beethoven.

Based on the award winning children's book The Little White Horse and from the director of Bridge to Terabithia; The Secret of Moonacre tells the story of Maria, an orphaned 13 year old girl who moves in with an eccentric uncle Sir Benjamin when her father dies and discovers magic and wonder exploring her new surroundings - Moonacre Valley. A good family film that doesn't bombard you with special effects but has a decent story that's easy enough to follow and is well worth a watch.

Pink Panther 2 is the sequel to the popular 2005 remake of the sixties cool classic. Steve Martin returns as bumbling French police Inspector Jacques Clouseau, while Jean Reno returns as Clouseau's long-suffering sidekick Gendarme Gilbert Ponton. To stop a globetrotting thief responsible for stealing priceless historical artifacts, Clouseau teams up with a squad of International detectives who are just as stupid as he is. If you enjoyed the first film, you'll enjoy this - perfect for kids.

More information on all of these films can be found at, where almost every DVD and Blu-ray available in the UK can be rented online and delivered to your door, with no late fees or due dates; perfect when stuck in the house for any length of time.

Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI and BBI.B) was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1985 and is a leading global provider of in-home rental, retail movie and game entertainment.

In 20 years, Blockbuster has grown from a single video rental store to nearly 9000 company-operated and franchised stores throughout the United States, its territories and 23 other countries

The first Blockbuster store in the UK opened in March 1989 (Walworth Road, London) and the UK is now the largest Blockbuster business outside the US, with over 650 stores and about 4.2 million member accounts. has over 1 million registered members and about 700,000 newsletter subscribers.

Blockbuster's goal is to be a complete source for movies and games, and the company is continually looking for ways to offer its customers more value, choice and convenience. To this end, in September 2002, Blockbuster UK introduced its online DVD rental service. This service has grown and now allows customers to have access to almost every DVD available in the UK. provides the latest releases and also gives its customers much more choice from classic titles, foreign films, music DVDs, interactive game DVDs, language DVDs and popular TV series. Through its links with the major film studios, Blockbuster also feature exclusive DVD rentals that you cannot rent or buy anywhere else at the time of launch. Past exclusives have included 3.10 to Yuma, The Mist, Saw V and the box office smash Taken.

In 2009, launched Online Xtra, a selection of new online rental plans that have the distinction of also including Blockbuster store rentals as part of the same Blockbuster rental package. These new plans are exclusive to Blockbuster, and combine the range and convenience of online rental with the flexibility of being able to pick up rentals in-store whenever members like. With Online Xtra Blockbuster customers can get the best of both the online and offline worlds.


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