SYM 026 F1 Simulator Being Installed in Museums, Entertainment Centers, Drive Racing Schools, Most Recently at Ferrari Myth Exhibition

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The Formula 1 simulator SYM 026 is produced in four versions by Evotek Engineering srl and distributed by EvotekUS, LLC, is being installed in diverse environments world wide, including museums, entertainment centers, professional race driver schools and, most recently, at the new Ferrari Myth exhibition, just opened on May 18, 2012 at the Italian Center in Shanghai China.

The SYM 026 Formula 1 simulator in use at the Ferrari Drivers Academy, at Vallelunga, Italy

The SYM 026 Formula 1 simulator in use at the Ferrari Drivers Academy, at Vallelunga, Italy

Produced in four versions, the SYM 026 is being installed in diverse environments, from museums to entertainment centers, as well as in professional race driver schools and, most recently, at the new Ferrari Myth exhibition in Shanghai, China.

The SYM 026 is the first simulator available for the entertainment industry to be made exactly as those used for training professional F1 race car drivers. In fact, Evotek Engineering srl produces four versions of the SYM 026: Professional, Training, Virtual Game, and Static. In addition to sharing the same body shell, the four versions employ scaled down versions of the proprietary software used by racing teams.

The SYM 026 Professional version is used by professional racing drivers and / or racing teams. The software installed is the full version, which processes in real time the data that is processed live, during real races. This includes the amount of gas used, rubber tire status, feedback from the engineers, and other such essential statistics. In order to provide reliable data, the graphic rendition of the raceways is obtained by scanning the real tracks several times, then processing the various takes. In addition to providing unparalleled high definition, the data thus extrapolated, provides the team engineers and the driver with reliable and realistic information.

The SYM 026 Training version was designed specifically for car racing schools, and it is the only model that features a modified platform. The software used in this version is the same as that used in the Virtual Game one.
The Training version of the SYM 026 in use by CSAI (Commissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana, or Italian Auto Sport Commission) at the Federal School Michele Alboreto for the formation of aspiring car race driver. The initiative is known as Ferrari Drivers Academy and selects young talent from all over the world to train them, starting from kart racing, then up to the Formula ACI CSAI Abarth, before rising to the Formula 3, and eventually, for the best among them, the thrill, excitement, and fame brought by competing in the Formula 1 races.

The SYM 026 Virtual Game version is dedicated to the entertainment industry, and has two software differences compared to the Professional version.

First of all, the software does not provide the technical information intended for the engineering team, as such data would be incomprehensible and distracting for the game player. However, the tracks, the rest of the software, as well as the hardware, are exactly the same as those used by professional drivers. The visual, emotional, and physical experiences during the ride are exactly the same.

Evotek Engineering will soon introduce rFactor compatibility to the Virtual Game version of the SYM 026. Though the graphic quality of the raceways is much lower compared to that provided by the scanned race tracks, by installing also what is currently the standard used by all simulators for entertainment in addition to the proprietary software, allows for racing with a wider variety of cars and raceways, such as the INDIE tracks and cars.
In addition, the SYM 026 platforms can be networked together through the Racing Center, allowing for virtual races and competitions among riders. A wireless network with scanned tracks is currently in the works.

The SYM 026 Static version is basically the Virtual Game platform without the motion card and the three motors which provide the realistic motion of the car race. It can be easily converted.

Evotek Engineering srl and EvotekUS, LLC are very pleased and much honored by the decision of the iconic automaker to feature the SYM 026 Formula 1 simulator at the newly opened Ferrari Myth exhibition in Shanghai, China. Evotek Engineering has also contributed to the development of the Formula 1 simulator used by the Ferrari racing team for training.

About Evotek Engineering srl
Evotek Engineering srl is a dynamic, hi-tech automotive R&D Italian company. It was established in 2007 as a complimentary, though independent arm of Evotek Manufacturing, a company founded in 2001 dedicated to the construction of prototypes, custom engineering of competition motorcycles, and other innovative creations. Among the products developed by Evotek Engineering srl, is also a kit to make the Smart Car electric and the 4Lock, the cool mount for iPhone on the go.

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