Syrian Expatriates Organization Decries Recent String of Massacres In City of Banayas and Suburbs.

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The Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) is extremely alarmed and dismayed by a recent string of brazen massacres targeting several villages in northwest Syria.

An image taken for men in al-Bayada taken by Assad forces, just before being systematically executed.

The Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO) is extremely alarmed and dismayed by a recent string of brazen massacres targeting several villages in northwest Syria. The BBC reported that government troops backed by Assad’s militiamen have been targeting villagers in the coastal city of Baniyas and the village of al-Bayda. These massacres have killed hundreds of civilians and have resulted in a mass exodus from these cities. According to the BBC, in a report published on May 4th -2013, titled "Syrians flee 'massacres' in Baniyas and al-Bayda," several videos have been released showing the bloodied and tangled bodies of women and children, many of whom have been mutilated or partly incinerated.

The Washington Post published on May 3rd-2103, a report titled, "Sectarian shadow hangs over latest reported mass killing in Syria’s civil war", in which, "activists said Friday that regime troops and gunmen from nearby Alawite areas beat, stabbed and shot at least 50 people in the Sunni Muslim village of Bayda." Describing the horror of the scene, the report said, "The bodies of the Syrian boys and young men in jeans and casual shirts were strewn along a blood-stained pavement, dying apparently where they fell. Weeping women moved among the dead, and one of them screamed, 'Where are you, people of the village?'"

SEO spokesperson, Dr Waleed Brinjikji, stated, “This recent string of massacres resembles that of the Srebenica massacre during which nearly 8000 Bosnian Muslims were killed in under two weeks. The images and stories coming out of Syria are heart-wrenching. 150 innocent men, women and children were massacred in the span of 24 hours not even because of their political beliefs but because of their religion. I fear it is only the beginning of a long string of attacks. We can only hope that Assad is stopped in his tracks before more blood is shed.”

Dr Brinjikji added, “The world said never again after the Holocaust. The world said never again after Bosnia and Rwanda and Darfur. Here we are in the 21st century witnessing the second genocide of this century. Assad is committing ethnic cleansing and is trying to create a large sectarian chasm where one did not exist before.”

“Sectarianism has never been a part of Syria,” Dr Brinjikji, stated. “This is being introduced by Assad and his allies so as to make Syria a more hostile environment and dissuade the international community from intervening. The longer this is allowed to take place, the more likely this conflict will spill over and affect many of America’s regional allies.”

The SEO calls on the international community to intervene to stop Assad from continuing this recent spree of massacres.

The SEO decries these recent massacres and believes Assad is trying to flare up sectarian elements in order to deepen the divide between the Syrian people. SEO condemns sectarianism in all forms and hopes for the formation of a free and democratic Syria after Assad’s departure.

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