Top Secret Meeting of Medical Minds Seeks To Crack the Immortality Code

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DNA allows our bodies to reproduce our cells and at the end of our DNA strands is a small end cap known as the telomere. As we age, our telomeres shorten and we begin to lose our ability to reproduce cells, at which point we develop diseases of aging. Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD volunteers to take a rare new supplement called TA-65, which has been scientifically tested to lengthen the human telomere and, in turn, extend life on a cellular level. As a medical doctor, ultra marathoner and anti-aging supplement guru, Dr. Dave joins top medical minds in attempt to crack the immortality code and improve quality of life in both physical abilities and longevity.

I was a perfect specimen for them!

Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD is a guinea pig. He is a member of an elite group of top medical minds on a supplement that is thought to be able to prolong human life by lengthening a part of the genetic code known as the telomere.

"I was a perfect specimen for them!" says Doctor Dave. "They were looking for people who were objective enough to give honest feedback on the results of taking an extremely rare all natural supplement known as TA-65."

Like many in the group Dr. Dave is an MD and specializes in anti-aging medicine. Unlike anyone else in the group, however, Dr. Dave designs his own supplement line and is also an ultra marathoner and fitness fanatic.

"They loved me because of my unique combination of specialties. I knew supplements inside and out since I design them personally and don't private label them at all like so many others.

The athletic side of my life really puts a huge stress on my body so everyone was anxious to see how the TA-65 would help me. I have an upcoming race that I am doing for charity called the Canadian Death Race. It is 77 miles through the Canadian Rockies and anything can happen so I need to be in tip top condition."

Dr. Dave was so enthused about taking TA-65 that he got on it before the most recent round of scientific evidence was released.

"I had already seen enough to be convinced it was absolutely safe but the big thing was what it would do for me. I was hearing all kinds of great stories about running faster, lifting more, accelerated fat loss, looking and feeling better and better, increased sex drive, firmer younger looking skin and eyesight and so on that I decided to get on it as soon as I could."

Here is the great news for people who share Dr. Dave's enthusiasm.

Now it is no longer experimental, it is here right now and the first people to move on this will be among the lucky few to join the ranks of what Dr. Dave calls the "newly immortal."

How does it work?

"Our cells rely on our genetic material, called DNA, to reproduce. There is a very small end cap of DNA known as the telomere, which seems to dictate the number of times a cell can reproduce before it dies. Each time the cell reproduces, the telomere shortens so the telomere effectively acts as a 'ticking time bomb' that dictates the length of life in that cell and ultimately in that person," Dr. Dave says.

Scientists from around the globe have been working on finding something to lengthen or at least stop the shortening of the telomeres so we might stop cellular aging and thus lengthen life, maybe even to the point of immortality.

Until the advent of TA-65 nothing safe and effective had been found.

TA-65 is derived from the all natural Astragalus plant. One tiny portion of the many active compounds in this plant seems to safely do what no other commercially available compound has ever done before; lengthen the telomere.

Additionally it appears to have true 'adaptogenic' properties. "It apparently lengthens the shortest telomeres, the ones that are getting close to the end of their rope so to speak, but it seems to leave the normal ones alone," says Dr. Dave.

When asked about playing God, Dr. Dave responds with a laugh.

"Don't worry, that is the farthest thing from anyone's mind here! There are many ways to die besides just getting old! We are trying to keep people as healthy as possible for as long as possible and there is no question this is another huge step in that direction. But you can still drink and smoke yourself to death or get hit by a bus, so there are no guarantees with TA-65. All we know for sure is that it has some real benefits and the data are now available to confirm that it really does what we say it does!"

When asked about his own personal experiences Dr. Dave says, "In the relatively short time I have been on TA-65 I have noticed marked improvements in my physical abilities including strength and endurance. I have even less craving for junk food than before and I think this is really going to help me stay lean and strong!"

Others have noticed similar benefits as well.

Dr. Dave says, "I just got back from a top secret meeting of other doctors who are on TA- 65 and the leaders of T.A. Sciences, who own the rights to this all natural supplement.

Everyone in the room, which included Bill Andrews, one of the scientists who discovered the telomere, was on TA-65. I jokingly called us the 'Telonauts' because we are like the pioneers in space, discovering a whole new universe! We all have amazing stories of how TA-65 has made incredible and rapid differences in how we feel and how we perform.

The science is there already and I believe there will be much more of it but what really matters is how people feel and what they do with the time they have been given. I know in my heart of hearts TA-65 has made a huge difference in my life and I am getting everyone I love and care about it on TA-65 as soon as I can."

What about the down side?

"Well, there are two main problems with TA-65. The first is that it is extremely scarce and there is no way that once this goes public the demand can be met. It takes 8 tons of raw material to make enough TA-65 for one person. That leads to the second problem in that it is quite expensive. I have mentioned the $16,000 a year price to people and they are astounded. Then they get into their Lexus and drive away. I wonder to myself, 'What is your life worth!'" laughs Dr. Dave.

What do Dr. Dave and T.A. Sciences expect from the recent turn of events?

"Well the phones are ringing off the hook here, and the Wall Street Journal just did an article on TA-65 so I am sure T.A. Sciences is inundated as well. The real problem is that we are clearly going to have to turn people away since there is no way enough raw material can be made available and processed fast enough to meet the demand! I am doing my best to get my family and friends in and of course the people who call me first will get first dibs."

For a free report, contact Dr. Dave Woynarowski MD at 866-654-7670 or doc(at) His charity is at and you can follow him on twitter at @TheRaceAgainst.


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