Telomeres and TA-65 are no longer a secret thanks to a new book released this week

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According to Dr. Dave Woynarowski, the new book will bring a secret anti-aging therapy, into the main stream. Covering topics such as TA-65, telomerase and telomerase activation, the new book may significantly increase in the number of people who are aware of this therapy and who want to do something about it.

TA-65 | The Molecule that Makes Your Cells Young Again

TA-65 | The Molecule that Makes Your Cells Young Again

I have been on TA-65 for three years now and I will not stop it any time soon!

Dr Dave Woynarowski, MD is smiling this week because he is celebrating an anniversary of sorts.

“This week was the week we submitted the manuscript for our book, 'The Immortality Edge', to the publishers two years ago, so it’s kind of a second year anniversary for us. It’s ironic that another anti-aging book, which is destined to become a mainstream best seller for sure, is also coming out this week and talks about things that were the core message of our book.”

Woynarowski is referring to Suzanne Somers' latest book, Bombshell, which is available in book stores this week.

“With the release of Suzanne’s book, telomerase activation is sure to go main stream as an anti-aging therapy. It’s ironic to see and hear words like TA-65, telomeres and telomerase activation, coming from the mouth of a famous actress!” he says. “When we wrote about them, they were pretty much secrets to the general public and unknown to most doctors. TA-65 in particular, was a mystery. People would listen in earnest to the science when they realized that a real anti-aging compound had arrived, but it was a long hard road to hoe, to get them to understand it was here now and they can start taking it themselves, right now!”

Telomeres are the biologic time clocks at the ends of our genetic material. Every time a cell divides, they get shorter and that cell marches one step closer to death. Telomerase, the enzyme that adds length to telomeres, appears to be able to reverse many of the changes associated with cellular aging and actually extends the lifespan of many cells. TA-65 is a naturally derived substance that turns on telomerase in the cell.

Woynarowski, who goes simply by “Dr Dave”, became known as Dr Telomere to his friends and clients. He was among the original seven distributors of TA-65, the only telomerase activator with human studies available.

He notes, “We were so excited to have this amazing compound. It has so much potential to help people be healthy and live longer. It was no small honor to be among the first to be able to provide the world with Nobel Prize-winning technology in a pill! When the Nobel Prize was give to Drs. Blackburn, Greider and Szostak, for their pioneering work in Telomere Biology, we knew we had to write our book and get information to the people about things like telomeres, telomerase and TA-65.” So he wrote The Immortality Edge with co-authors Blackburn and Fossel.

“Our book is all about telomeres and telomerase activation, including TA-65, from cover to cover. We tell people what to do, what to eat, what exercises to do and what supplements to take to maximize the health of their telomeres. Keeping your telomeres healthy and happy is the central theme of our book. Now, with Ms. Somers' new book, we expect a significant increase in the number of people who are aware of this therapy and who want to do something about it.”

When asked what changes he has seen in the field since The Immortality Edge was published, he says, “Lots! The gratifying thing is that everything we wrote about in our book has pretty much come to pass. Originally, because the field was so new to most people, we were accused of being ‘speculative’. People had a hard time believing there were almost 35 years of science behind what we were writing about. Doctors and scientists became emotionally involved in combating our recommendations, saying we lacked evidence. Most simply ignored the extensive reference section I put together in the book, and refused to believe there was that much data already out there.

TA-65 was a tough sell as well. It was and is expensive, but in the early days we had to keep our mouths shut about the human study that was published, just before our book came out and showed how well TA-65 worked to ‘de-age’ the immune system and other areas of the body. We also did not have a good commercially available test to prove what we said was going to happen was actually happening. Now Life Length has released their advanced telomere assay, so we can send people for testing if they want it. Now people accept what we say as truth!”

What about TA-65?

“I have been on TA-65 for three years now and I will not stop it any time soon! It’s helped my energy levels, my mental focus, helped me reduce body fat and reduced my athletic recovery time. My Mom is 86, still drives and plays bridge and never misses her dose either! I hear great things about eyesight, sex drive and reduced wrinkles from my clients on TA-65. Plenty of people are able to reduce their prescription pill load, with their doctor’s approval, on TA-65. “
What about the future? Woynarowski thinks Suzanne Somers' book will get more and more people interested in telomeres, telomerase and TA-65. “I think it’s great that she mentions these things publically and in her new book. One famous person can do more to get people focused on what is and has been available to them than an army of Dr Dave’s! It is going to make the job of educating the world about this field a lot easier from here on out. The secret is out! It makes a great anniversary present!”

The Immortality Edge (Wiley and sons) was published in 2010 and is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers. Dr Dave Woynarowski is board certified in anti-aging medicine and has given several lectures at major anti-aging conferences on the topic of telomeres and telomerase. He is also board certified in Internal Medicine and runs his own supplement company, making niche anti-aging supplements and distributing TA-65 at On his website are numerous articles and blogs about the topic of telomeres, TA-65 and telomerase activation, as well as many other anti-aging topics. He has numerous videos on YouTube as well, under drdavesbest, which pertain to this topic.

He is one of the original distributors of TA-65 and has many famous and not-so-famous clients who are taking it.

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