Euro American Industrial Corporation Consistently Stands for High-Qualified Furniture

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From local to international, from OEM to ODM, Taiwan-based furniture industrial seeks more opportunities to knock on new customers' doors by searching for more partnership.

With more than 30 years of experience in the furniture-manufacturing field, the Euro American Industrial Corporation, established in 1975, continues to produce many high-quality, modern, customer-friendly pieces of furniture that are guaranteed to satisfy every customer's need. To fulfill discerning buyers' demand, the Euro American Industrial Corporation invests themselves in equipment-progressing, process-improving product development and improving customer service to produce products such as tables, chairs, TV and audio racks, TV sets, sofas, dining and living room sets, clothes hangers, remote control holders and various metal and plastic furniture pieces. Located in Taiwan, but with a global presence in international markets, Euro American seeks any possible opportunity to knock on the doors of new overseas clients and partners.

Compared with products from other overseas countries, Euro American has its own way to catch buyers' eyes. Since the first contact with IKEA in 1986, Euro American has gradually taken the entrance ticket of being IKEA's main manufacturer in Taiwan. In order to continue and further expand its partnerships with overseas countries, Euro American has taken the time and effort to achieve the 4 SIP Quality Control System certificate in 2000, and has been awarded IKEA's Way on Purchasing Home Furnishing Product (IWAY) certificate in 2003. These experiences elevated Euro American from an OEM service to an ODM service. Also in 1995 and 2003, Euro American completed its registrations with the International Quality Guaranteed System, including ISO 9000:1994 and ISO 9001:2000, which reinforced it as a reliable company in industrial furniture.

High-quality Furniture: Exquisite Textures with Delicate Technology.

Euro American has its own well-trained employees, skillful designers and highly-accurate automatic machines, making up a significant portion of its capital assets. The automatic machines include CNC pipe bending machines, CO2 arc welding machines, and auto wrapping and packaging machines. These tools significantly increase its production line efficiency, lower its production cost, and shorten Euro American's R&D cycle. Due to these increasingly efficient processes, R&D staff can spend more time testing the function of products, improving their own injection mold and widening their technological bending focuses.

No rivals in this furniture-manufacturing field can do the same aluminum bending and polishing technology as delicately and smoothly as Euro American. Both the technology of the Strap Folding Chairs, and the structures of heavy metal TV and audio sets can not be easily exceeded by other companies. "It's second to none," Kiyoko Chen, the general manager, proudly said.

"Quality First", the slogan of Euro American, is truly carried out into the daily production. In order to maintain its production standard,s it sets up many testing systems to confirm the safety of each product. With horizontal fatigue tests, perpendicular fatigue tests, and 35kg perpendicular with ease. The Mesh Chair, which is made with steel and sandy textures, and passes the above tests, is a typical example of a product that is both suitable and reliable for every day use.

Due to its traditional principles, Euro American not only pays attention to developing technology, but also places a high-value on low-price purchasing and environmental-friendly procurement. These are two major areas in which it has put a great deal of effort for many years. Euro American keenly provides customers with products using the most exquisite textures and materials. For example, the Euro A17 Table Sets, designed by delicate aluminum bending technology in its arms, demonstrate the exquisite material of tempered glass and a texture of leather originating from Hungary and other countries.

The Highest Standard of Management:
To link up with the world, Euro American adheres to the highest standards to strengthen its global trade and management promotions. With this spirit of management, Euro American places a high emphasis on optimizing the working environment, extending product cycles, and executing resource recycling. In addition, Euro American encourages its staff to create and brainstorm together. On one hand, by brainstorming, the c ompany can promote every employee's relationship with each other; on the other hand, Euro American employees can help to develop upgrades on many of their products and technology. The Remote Control Holder, which won the award in evaluations at the 2000 Taipei Houseware Products Show, is well-known for its creative ideas derived from the designer's business trip to an international exhibition.

"Our furniture has been shown in many foreign areas including Europe, America, Canada, and Sweden," said Chen, the general manager, "but we still continue to broaden our presence in additional overseas markets."

Playing it safe step by step, but always working to expand its presence along the way, Euro American Industrial Corporation never stops its footstep over countries, and will continue opening its mind to any opportunity for collaboration in global markets.

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