Oil Fouled Beaches Here Forever? Not So Says Specialized Beach Cleaning Fork Maker

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Pristine beaches are again possible with a Mini-Tine™ oil removal fork developed by Equi-Tee Manufacturing. Efficient sand sifting design and a selectable basket size empowers workers, enabling superior beach cleanup results. Patented flexible design and unique tine spacing minimizes sand collection, resulting in reduced labor and disposal costs. Click on Sift'n Fork to see the fork in action.

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It is ridiculous to employ two men using a five pound shovel, and also lose 2 cups of beach sand, just to pick up a dime size tarball!

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The unprecedented quantities of oily debris and tarballs washing ashore on pristine southern beaches has prompted governments, cleanup agencies, hotel and beach managers to search for a cost effective tool for oil cleanup. Responding to that need, Equi-Tee Manufacturing now offers their specialized oil cleaning Flex'n Fork™. This fork is optimized to economically and effectively separate the sand from the oil spill debris. Equi-Tee manufactures this unique tarball picking fork with an ideal tine spacing of only 5/16 of an inch so only the tar is captured, leaving more clean sand on the beach.

Cleaning beaches by hand is a labor intensive and tedious process, especially when picking up tarballs using the traditional hand tool selection of heavy shovels, rakes, screens and bags. "It is ridiculous to employ two men using a five pound shovel, and also lose 2 cups of beach sand, just to pick up a dime size tarball," says Joseph Berto, president of Equi-Tee Manufacturing, the Oregon based company marketing this hand tool. "Taping a kitchen scoop colander on the end of a broomstick as an alternative is getting pretty desperate," he says. "By utilizing job specific light weight Equi-Tee forks, managers will immediately see an increase in worker efficiency and be able to use manpower more effectively."

Equi-Tee sand cleaning forks are constructed from ultra-strong polycarbonate in two different basket sizes. They are mounted to a full length fiberglass shaft with a comfortable ergonomic grip. Unlike tools with wood or metal handles, they don't get hot in the sun and withstand repeated immersions during an oil spill cleanup with no ill effects. They are chemical, oil and salt resistant making them ideal as an oil spill cleaning product. Equi-Tee tarball picking forks function as rakes and shovels, eliminating the need to carry multiple sand cleaning tools. It is completely unnecessary to have one worker shovel up the goo and sand, only to dump it into another workers screen to sift, and then into a bag. With this tarball sifting fork, one worker can do it all! There are no other beach cleaning tools that will sift sand and pick small oil soaked debris as effectively as a Mini-Tine Sift'n Fork.

“Reducing the labor required to clean beaches results in savings for both the worker and their employers. The wasted effort of hoisting and dumping a laden shovel, then agitating a second sifting screen tool, is instead converted into useful productivity. Shorelines are cleaner, tourists are happier, and costs associated with sand replenishment and removal is greatly reduced,” said Berto. “This is an innovative tool that quickly pays for itself.”

Equi-Tee Forks are patented (7,222,899) and are sold worldwide. They have been used and proven in the agricultural industry (for sifting horse waste from stalls and cleaning outdoor pastures), in the pet market (as a kitty litter fork) and for recreational lake shoreline cleaning where debris or seaweed removal is required. They are also used to incorporate oil bio-remediation bacteria into beach sand. The high tech motorized Shake'n Fork version incorporates an auto-sifting function.

About Equi-Tee™ Manufacturing
Founded in 1998 as an offshoot of Equi-Tee Farm and Fence, the company has already developed other well-known agricultural and forestry accessories such as Equi-Tee horse fencing and Max-flow air filters. Inventor Joseph Berto and his wife operate a horse breeding and training facility in Oregon and when it became clear that there was a need to improve the beach cleaning tools available, Joseph used the resources of the company to develop and test the Equi-Tee Sift'n Forks. The beach cleanup hand tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA by Equi-Tee Manufacturing.

The latest in beach cleaning supplies, the Sift'n Fork, is available directly through the manufacturer’s website.


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