Creates Strategic Relationships through Co-Branding and Cross-Promotional Efforts

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Leveraging their website traffic and tattoo design assets toward long-term goals, creates new comprehensive strategic relationships with tattoo-based businesses and other industries having good "tattoo synergy." logo

Our decision to work with TattooFinder was based on the incredible volume of traffic their site generates

As a leading seller of direct-to-consumer, tattoo-friendly artwork, has focused on marketing undertakings that promote long-term co-branding and cross-promotional business relationships. Their efforts have generated "win-win-win" situations that not only offer value to both partnering companies, but also to their customers. In the spirit of this strategy, recently announced the September release of the company's first publishing project, The Tattoo Sourcebook, in cooperation with HarperCollins and Barnes & Noble. The Editors at authored the project, coordinated the inclusion of nearly 2,000 top quality tattoo designs by flash artists worldwide and is now instrumental in leveraging its website traffic for book promotion.

"After making the decision to create The Tattoo Sourcebook, I immediately began researching studios and websites that had access to different tattoo designs," says Jeannine Dillon, senior editor at HarperCollins. "I spoke to owner, Lou Bardach, and he thought the sourcebook concept as I presented it was a fantastic idea, but it wasn't enough. He wanted to give an authoritative and informative introduction to the tattoo process, and he couldn't have been more right. Nearly 2,000 designs and 40 different artists later, The Tattoo Sourcebook was born."

"We approach these collaborative efforts, first and foremost, by focusing on our customers' needs," says Lou Bardach, managing partner heading business development at "We then look for innovative ways to leverage our assets and build mutually beneficial relationships with other companies -- oftentimes valuing our long-term goals over short-term monetary gains."

This August also marks the first of many Inked Magazine issues to feature an article and tattoo artwork by is excited to forge ahead in a co-branding marketing partnership with the magazine, producing high quality content for publication in the monthly, and in turn, publishing select Inked articles on their Tattoos-101 website -- giving the magazine access to thousands of daily visitors and potential subscribers. "Our decision to work with TattooFinder was based on the incredible volume of traffic their site generates," says Don Hellinger, publisher of Inked Magazine, "as well as their solid, ethical reputation as the leading source for high quality tattoo designs. It takes time for a newer company to build a strong presence on the web, and doing so generally requires a huge advertising budget. We felt working with in co-branded content distribution was a good move for both parties. We look forward to finding other creative ways to work together to enhance each other's brand, extend our reach and increase industry authority." sees its high volume traffic and page views as a tangible asset, attributing its successful online presence to their completely straightforward approach to the web. "The secret to our success is giving our visitors exactly what they want in the most clear, direct way possible," explains Brett O'Connor, managing partner and senior engineer for the company. "What our customers want is great tattoo artwork and reliable information, and my mission is to make this experience as easy and effective as possible. It's not some kind of SEO trick or 'backroom dealings' with search engines like Google. In fact, it's the exact opposite philosophy that's made us successful: honesty. has become synonymous with top quality tattoo artwork and authoritative information about the tattoo process simply because that's what we offer -- nothing more, nothing less."

With an ever-growing online library of single tattoo designs (presently over 22,000) by world-class flash artists, the company logically views its artwork as another primary asset -- and not just for use as tattoos. Brad Hutchison, managing partner and art director at, highlights the pervasiveness of tattoo-style artwork in U.S. culture. "Just as actual tattoos have moved beyond bikers and soldiers to rock stars and actors -- iconic tattoo imagery has gained influence just as aggressively," he explains. "Our artwork is a powerhouse resource, not only as tattoo-friendly reference to get inked, but also for merchandise-friendly, advertising-friendly and promotion-friendly tattoo images. While people fanatically tattoo their skin, businesses are equally enthusiastic about 'tattooing' clothing, electronic devices, advertising campaigns and, sometimes, their company identity."

Highly developed web traffic and an expansive collection of tattoo artwork give a strong pivot point for both image-licensing requests and advertising inquiries. These traditional "sales of assets" have been beneficial to the company, bringing in both immediate and royalty-based revenues. However, oftentimes chooses to forego potential short-term monetary gain and opt for a more strategic marketing approach. The company has leveraged its assets to create collaborative relationships, not only with other tattoo-related companies, but also within other industries having strong cross-promotional and co-branding potential.

Tasha King, marketing director at explains, "Our customers are interested in fashion, sports, music and entertainment -- all industries with very strong ties, historically and socially, to the tattooed and tattoo culture in general. From a marketing perspective, it's in our interest to build integrated, long-term business relationships with companies having good 'tattoo synergy.' We develop and foster these strategic partnerships through trust over time, and with each party looking for new and creative ways to support and collaboratively promote each other." With these strategies, has been able strengthen its brand, advance its industry authority, expand its influence in new markets and solidify customer relationships through value-added partner offerings.

"We could have simply licensed artwork to HarperCollins for the Tattoo Sourcebook," says Lou Bardach. "But we saw an opportunity to work with them more closely to produce and promote a truly epic book. We could have simply sold advertising space to Inked Magazine on our website, but saw opportunity in the magazine's 'high-end' print market. We took a creative approach in both cases toward building solid, long-term business relationships that have benefited us, benefited our partners and, most importantly, benefited our customers." is division of, LLC, an Internet-based company located in Denver, Colorado, owned by Lou Bardach, Rachael Bardach, Brett O'Connor and Brad Hutchison. Lou, Brett and Brad have worked in the Internet applications development, graphic design, and online marketing fields since the mid-1990s and Rachael has been tattooing since 1991. The website was launched in January 2003, and members of this team have been selling tattoo flash since the early press/media information can be found at:

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