Platinum Tax Defenders Provides TaxTips on Amending Tax Returns & Complimentary Consultation As The Filing Date Is Approaching Which Could Mean Avoiding Back Taxes

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Millions of Americans are gearing up for the impending tax-season. It is also common that during what is a very rushed process many taxpayers file their taxes with incorrect and sometimes inconsistent leading to a barrage of problems which include owing back taxes and in worst case scenarios bank levies and wage garnishment. This yearly reoccurring problem illustrates the need for companies such as Platinum Tax Defenders who provide professional tax resolution services that include amending previous incorrectly filed returns.

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Some particular states that charge a car tax have already began mailing out car tax invoices to their respective state residents seeking payment and as such the jitters of the tax season has begun for many American households. The IRS year after year has to deal with the Millions of incorrectly filed tax returns that it receives and wants to educate tax payers on how to more importantly Amending tax return and/or fix the wrongly filed return. This for the taxpayer can mean the difference between having to deal with the headaches of back taxes and not having to go that route.

Tips from the IRS ‘Summer Tax Tips’ series includes – “File an amended return if filing status has changed, number of dependents, total income, tax deductions or tax credits that were reported were either incorrect or omitted”. “Not filing one for common mathematical mistakes” which the IRS corrects or requests additional information if necessary. These are some of the tips which fundamentally are designed to save the taxpayer from tax penalties further down the road, However, filing an original return followed by an amendment is no easy task which is why it is recommended that those who are filing tax returns or tax amendments reach out and seek help from tax accounting firms such as Platinum Tax Defenders.

Platinum Tax Defenders is a professional Tax, Accounting and Legal firm providing tax resolution services such as settling back taxes, application for offer in compromise, payment plans, bank levy releases and more. Platinum Tax defenders deals with several cases on a daily basis such as those the IRS is trying to prevent. Filing and amendment can be done with Platinum Tax Defenders to rectify and amend a clients previously filed tax-return, their years of expertise have enabled them to save taxpayers millions of dollars in back taxes by way of finding and correcting those complicated errors that often go unnoticed by the taxpayer.

Form 1040X is used to amend previously filed 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ tax returns. Much to the disadvantage of the consumer form 1040X cannot be filed electronically; Platinum Tax Defenders recommend that this be sent via certified mail of a secured carrier ensuring receipt of confirmation. Amending a tax return allows the taxpayer to pay any additional tax he or she might owe and more importantly claim any tax deductions and/or credits one may be entitled to.

Many taxpayers miss out on tax credits and tax deductions when they do not seek professional help while filing their tax returns, but it is also equally important to seek help from professional tax resolution firms such as Platinum Tax Defenders to explore what options may be available to claim what a taxpayer may be entitled to unknowingly, likewise seeking help will also enable the taxpayer to resolve and settle back taxes and further prevent IRS penalties.

An amended tax return can be filed within three years of when the original tax return was filed. Platinum Tax Defenders believes this gives many taxpayers a large window to go back up to three years and verify and correct any errors which may have lead to owed back taxes and penalties. This three-year window and the payment plan, collection appeal and other remedies are available to taxpayers who owe back taxes and want to settle allow Platinum Tax Defenders to do what is a notable and effective job at filing amended returns, lowering the amounts a taxpayer owes and seeking out all the resolutions a taxpayer has at his or her disposal.

If you or someone you know has potentially filed a tax return in the past three years incorrectly, missed tax deductions or credits and are paying for it today. Call Platinum Tax Defenders today for a free consultation and to learn more about changes made to Offer In Compromise.

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