Confusion over Sales Tax Nexus Can be Costly for Multi-State Businesses -- Free Sales Tax Resources Available

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Multi-state businesses turn to to get easy access to states' sales tax nexus requirements, as well as other helpful sales-use tax reference and support resources.

Sales tax nexus requirements & helpful resources for Multi-state businesses at

We provide a concise overview of each state’s sale-use tax situation – as well other tax data including general tax nexus requirements, resale (exemption) certificate information – as well as a state’s statute of limitations.

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Sales tax nexus used to be pretty straight-forward in the old days - now considered the "good old days" by companies with multi-state activities. If a company had an office or a warehouse (or perhaps an employee) in a particular tax jurisdiction - it most likely had nexus there. However nexus rules are changing -dramatically in some states. Today, simply soliciting orders by virtually any medium (i.e. phone, fax, internet, catalogue, etc) - or even attending a trade show - can be viewed by some jurisdictions as meeting their new nexus requirements. Helpful nexus guidelines can now be viewed at Sales Tax Support's free sales tax site.

The move to broaden the definition of tax nexus by state and local jurisdictions comes in an economy where most states face revenue shortfalls. Quite simply, requiring more businesses to collect and submit sales (or use) tax translates into more incoming revenue. However, also contributing to the nexus discussion is the "Amazon Tax" movement. It's an effort by states to collect taxes from online business that do business in their state - although often without physical locations or personnel.

While it's easy to understand the states' motivation behind the expanding nexus issue, expanding a company's tax footprint can greatly increase the demands (as well as risks) of an already onerous sales-use tax compliance process. It's critical therefore that multi-state firms access and review tax nexus requirements for all states in which they have activity or a connection - however tenuous.

While state tax offices have made it much easier to find sales-use information online, it can still be a challenge. Realize that 46 states have some sort of sales tax - all of which have unique sales-use rates, forms and rules - as well as tax nexus standards. Even if we limit our discussion to state level sales-use taxes - and overlook the almost 10,000 towns, cities, parishes and even fire districts that can impose and collect taxes…) a company still has to access 46 different state web-sites. While locating the sites can be relatively easy - locating the information needed within each Department of Revenue (DOR) site can be frustrating and time consuming.

To make it easier to find sales-use content for state and local tax jurisdictions, STS Publishing, LLC has added a new "Sales Tax-By State" section to its free sales tax web site; (

"We developed the new content section based on input from our users; primarily small-medium businesses with multi-state activities." commented Susan Jaeger,'s Publisher. "We provide a concise overview of each state's sale-use tax situation - as well other tax data including general tax nexus requirements, resale (exemption) certificate information - as well as a state's statute of limitations."

To help deliver educational content Jaeger enlisted the support of TTR (Transaction Tax Resources, Inc.), a provider of industry-specific, on-line taxability libraries and comprehensive tax consulting services.

TTR's CEO Shon Holyfield commented, "TTR is always pleased to provide access to our proprietary systems. TTR is committed to any effort which further educates and simplifies tax recovery, tax billing, tax research and the operations of a tax department. That's what we do."

A comprehensive state and local links in the "Sales Tax -By State" section, allows users to quickly locate state/local sales tax rates, forms and even free sales tax classes and webinars. In addition find specialized software and service directories, interactive forums and a sales tax job board. The sales tax focus is what differentiates from most other tax portals, as well as the fact that users have free access to all content.

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