Platinum Tax Defenders: The Extension of Bush-era Tax Cuts (Huffington-Post) Brings Many Relief Come April Tax Season, But What About Those Who Already Owe Back Taxes?

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The Extension passing of Bush-era Tax Cuts (S. 3412) by a 51-48 vote in the Senate means millions of Americans will continue to benefit from a 4 percent lowered tax rate. The extension however only applies to couples earning $250,000 and single filers earning $200,000. The extended tax cut will be a boon for many households come April but does not solve the problem for the already millions of Americans who are only earning a fraction of that amount and who are struggling to Settle Back Taxes and seeking Tax Debt Relief.

Unpaid back taxes lead to tax liens and and tax leans lead to bad credit score

tax delinquencies have increased to about $15 billion a year, and effecting millions of taxpayers credit score

At Platinum Tax Defenders we pride ourselves on providing that reputable tax resolution help that millions of American households today need, this encompasses the accounting, legal and tax background aspect that is a must for tackling tax problems.

The phrase “back taxes” is prevalent in many households in America and with good reason, and this will likely continue to be the case unless an extension of the tax-cuts also includes those who make up what is the bulk of the population, the Millions of middle-class family income earners who earn significantly less than the $250,000 of $200,000 for that matter. This segment of the population are those who were hit the hardest by the recession and thus they also represent those who would stand to benefit most from the extension. Unfortunately these individuals also make up the majority of individuals who suffer from owing back taxes, have had tax liens placed on their credit reports and who most need Tax relief services. Platinum Tax Defenders is one of such companies who provide Tax relief services to individuals who now have to face a barrage of IRS penalties and collections. Their services include Tax Attorney representation, Collection Appeals and application services for Offer in compromise, Bank levy releases, Penalty Abatement and other relief programs.

The individuals who already owe back taxes will undoubtedly benefit greatly from the passing of the extension, reducing their debt load that is already excessive and too much to bear and promoting income growth in that sector of the economy. The bipartisanship that exists in congress however threatens to undermine this positive impact this would have for the said individual households and the estimated 100 million families who would face a tax increase of $1,600 next year if there fails to be an agreement, a significant amount of money that could provide tax relief for many.

President Obama was quoted as saying: “The last thing a typical middle-class family can afford is $2,200 tax hike at the beginning of next year” – A valid statement considering the 98% of the population that this tax hike would impact and more importantly it comes to the aid of those who are already in what is a prickly situation of owing back taxes. The passing of the bill and the political red-tape of uncertainty means many individuals need and should seek help now from tax resolution experts such as Platinum Tax Defenders who provide services that alleviate headaches and settle back taxes. Platinum Tax Defenders are intent on providing solutions to individuals that are in their best interest. This includes Payment plans, Offer in compromise, Revenue officer assistance and an overall well-rounded tax resolution service that leaves nothing uncovered.

The uncertainty surrounding the Bush-era tax cuts on capitol hill does not bode well for the millions of individuals that will be affected by it, this further stresses the importance of educating oneself on the need to be aware of the on-going debates and passing of legislation that pertains to taxes and consequently a taxpayers paycheck. It is therefore important to seek professional and reputable help.

Sherri D. Gastelum of Platinum Tax Defenders says – “At Platinum Tax Defenders we pride ourselves on providing that reputable tax resolution help that millions of American households today need, this encompasses the accounting, legal and tax background aspect that is a must for tackling tax problems”.

Attempting to resolve this by oneself can backfire and prove to be a nightmare, prompting IRS audits, and IRS tax liens as commitments to payment amounts that can’t be afforded are made and IRS audits only make in increasingly difficult for a taxpayer to carry on day-to-day life. Avoiding this at all costs by seeking help is in the taxpayers best interest, it frees up an individuals time to concentrate on things that are more important, such as a career and family matters.

The delayed ruling of the Bush-era tax cuts affecting middle class Americans creates further uncertainty for taxpayers, more importantly tax payers who already owe back taxes. Middle-class American clients of Platinum Tax Defenders will find the most value in the way Platinum provides a customized back tax resolution and back tax settlement service to clients, eliminating the many nuances of applying and negotiating on relief programs and offering a resolution that mitigates the undesired loss of income, real estate and assets to the taxpayer.

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