Platinum Tax Defenders Points Out that an Estimated 60,000 Army Personnel Owe Back Taxes, Totaling $390 Million, and They Too Like Many Civilians Struggle to Find Help!

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An estimated 30,000 troops on active-duty and another 30,000 on reserve owe the IRS a combined $390 Million in back taxes - (Source: IRS), this statistic represents approximately 2 percent of the population of the armed forces who are delinquent on their taxes. Furthermore the tax returns troops are required to file are a lot more complicated than civilian tax returns, which may be the root of the problem but even more difficult is the Tax relief process troops that return home must go through in order to pay back the taxes they owe.

Unresolved back taxes pile up regardless of who owes them, civilians or army personnel

Approximately 2 percent of the armed forces are delinquent on their taxes, a combined $390 Million owed in back taxes!

The need for Tax resolution services is even more imperative for individuals who serve in the military, they alone know the complexity of the military tax return and the many nuances in which taxable income can either be excluded or included and failure to know these different situations and include them in a tax return can open up a can of worms such as unwanted Levies against paychecks otherwise known as wage garnishment, IRS Audits and many other collection efforts that the IRS can undergo until full payment is received.
Platinum Tax Defenders works with both individuals who have served in the armed forces and civilians to undergo a detailed review of current tax circumstances and the different options that are readily available to payback and resolve any outstanding penalties. Lets consider for a moment that the circumstances in which most army personnel operate include constant obligatory relocation resulting in a constant change of addresses, making it practically impossible to receive any notification that may have been sent by the IRS indicating missing information, owed taxes or delinquencies of the sort. This highlights the importance of troops seeking professional assistance from companies such as Platinum Tax Defenders in order to Settle back taxes, be put on a payment plan of repair their credit as a result of tax liens.
Various Military services also exist in order to help troops with the headaches this can cause. Military offices often contact troops advising them of how to proceed with tax issues and seek expert help from tax resolution firms, seeking help being the most important part. Dealing with delinquent taxes for those who have served in the military can mean a world of difference when it comes time to payback, settle or negotiate what can be afforded. Companies such as Platinum Tax Defenders do just that making this process much easier. Each client undergoes an in dept consultation which uncovers delinquent taxes for years passed and then goes on to seeking the best solution for the taxpayer, this can come in many shapes including settle back taxes, payment plans, collection appeals, the removal of tax liens from credit histories via the “fresh start” program and many other possibilities. This more than anything highlights that clients of platinum tax defenders can rest assure that platinum tax defenders is working to get the best option for the client.
“Absolutely no citizen should try to resolve their tax debt themselves without first speaking to a income tax specialist”, a tax attorney professional at Platinum Tax Defender stated.
Tax relief is possible for both army personnel and civilians alike and is accessible with expert help. Companies such as Platinum Tax Defenders offer and provide decades of experience in reducing and settling back taxes and from experience have seen where many individuals who negotiate a deal with the IRS on their own are often unhappy due to the inability to make the agreed planned payments and the inaccessibility to expert help late in the resolution phase due in part to the settlement application’s “full financial disclosure” clause. This puts many at a disadvantage in accessing help later down the line.
Army personnel who owe back taxes should heed the advice of military offices in seeking professional help. For expert tax resolution services take action immediately and contact Platinum Tax Defenders. They possess experienced staff on board that is capable of taking action immediately on your behalf. Negotiating your back taxes and providing solutions that are affordable and meets the needs of both the client and the IRS.
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