Need Help Settling Back Taxes? The Ensuing Tax Season Means Millions Will be Spammed With IRS Related Scam Emails, Here is How to Stay Clear.

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As the tax season approaches, many taxpayers will be bombarded with tax scam (IR-2012-29) emails claiming some discrepancy in tax related issues and promising tax reliefs and back taxes settlement that are just unrialistic. Platinum Tax Defenders wants to advise its clients and the public of the importance of being aware of the various schemes scammer use to lure taxpayers and the benefits this has in avoiding unwanted costs of resolving fraudulent costs and the headaches associated with scams.

Offer In Compromise and Fresh Start Program

Offer In Compromise and Back Taxes Settlement

Don't fall prey to back tax settlement scams, not everyone is qualified for Offer In Compromise and no tax firm should make such guarantees.

Bogus IRS emails are very homogenous in nature. They typically make reference to a transaction that in most cases are fake in order to lure the taxpayers in need of tax resolution services into clicking on a link to steal their information and/or open a document that contains a virus. Platinum Tax Defenders is an expert in its field, and has a decade long track record of disputing such claims with the IRS on behalf of their clients.
If a taxpayer is to fall victim scam emails can inflict both mental and financial stress on a taxpayer. Often causing unwanted cases of back taxes due to fraudulent losses to income. Because of this it is important that the taxpayer seek professional help from firms such as Platinum tax defenders who utilize a team of experienced tax attorney s, Legal and Accounting experts who first conduct a review of a taxpayers tax standing going back three up to three years in order to build a concrete case and seek the best resolution for the client.
Furthermore Platinum also educates its clients on the very topic of staying clear of scams. Having over a decade of tax, legal and accounting experience they have encountered many scams of this kind and so therefore incorporate educating their clients as an important part of services they render.
Many taxpayers who have been battling with back taxes and in need of honest and affordable tax resolution services, fall prey to unrealistic promises and false guaranties on Offer In Compromise and Fresh Start programs.
In a recent IRS press release (IR-2012-29) the IRS warns that taxpayers should be aware of the following schemes scammers have been using:

  •     Fictitious claims for refunds or rebates based on false statements of entitlement to tax credits.
  •     Unfamiliar for-profit tax services selling refund and credit schemes to the membership of local churches.
  •     Internet solicitations that direct individuals to toll-free numbers and then solicit social security numbers.
  •     Homemade flyers and brochures implying credits or refunds are available without proof of eligibility.
  •     Offers of free money with no documentation required.
  •     Promises of refunds for “Low Income – No Documents Tax Returns.”
  •     Claims for the expired Economic Recovery Credit Program or for economic stimulus payments.
  •     Unsolicited offers to prepare a return and split the refund.
  •     Unfamiliar return preparation firms soliciting business from cities outside of the normal business or commuting area.

The repercussions of falling into one of these scams for many are significant, something that is exacerbated given that scammers usually low income individuals who are attracted to the possibility of a larger refund. This Sherri D. Gastelum of Platinum Tax Defender, an experienced tax resolution firm, says is “what is happening due to the tax season is drawing nearer”, she also notes that these same clients in turn go about filing there taxes the following year much more educated and wary of tax related scams. Plantinum Tax Defenders she argues “has a team that has decades of experience under their belt and can help individuals that have fallen prey to scams and as a result need professional tax resolution services”. She alongside a team of professionals work around the clock providing Offer In Compromise, IRS Payment Plans and other remedial services to those taxpayers who may have fallen victim to a scam, owe back taxes or are struggling to pay their taxes.
The IRS “Dirty Dozen of Tax Scams for 2012” – (IRS-2012-23) offers a wealth of advice and tips to taxpayers of the scams that exist and how to avoid them. Platinum Tax Defenders highly recommends this publication as it provides a platform for taxpayers to do some due diligence prior to seeking professional help. The fact is these scams get more and more sophisticated ever year, making it increasingly difficult to always avoid them and if you feel you may have fell victim to such a scam, are struggling to make payments or have back taxes.

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