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Those who have yet to file their taxes this year need to hurry because the last day to file is April 17, 2012. There's great news for citizens who need help filing their taxes. A new site is available to help you find the right software to file your taxes. This site is available by visiting online tax software. Most people have heard of online tax software such as TurboTax and HR Block, but do not know which is right for them. is a new site that provides complete reviews of all the online tax software programs to help people find the right brand and version for their needs. logo
Why wait in line or for an appointment when you can file your taxes online anytime you want.

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Tax season causes stress and anxiety for many people. With the deadline for submitting personal and business taxes being April 17, 2012 then there is a need to get them done soon. Those who are often overwhelmed about filing returns usually utilize an accountant’s services. Accountants’ fees are seldom cheap, but filers believe they will be safer in case of an audit. However, filing tax returns online provides a simple solution. There are many websites that now offer tax software programs. These sites provide programs at extremely affordable prices. Those completing their returns online, even without tax filing knowledge, will find the software is easy to use. Online tax software reviews is a new site that will provide detailed information about the most popular and reliable tax software.

One of the most widely advertised online tax products is TurboTax. Their software is consistently the top rated and best-selling. Their tax forms are easy to understand, and the site’s Easy Guide feature provides easy step by step instructions on how to complete it. They also guarantee a maximum refund that will be received in as fast as seven days. TurboTax offers various packages to serve different tax needs.

The TurboTax Free Edition is for those who are filing a simple federal tax return. Step by step instructions will easily guide the user through the return. The program also shows refunds in real time. The total will grow as each section is completed. Filers will have their questions answered when needed, and guidance through the entire process. TurboTax ensures accuracy by completing several error checks. They also guarantee those completing their returns will receive the maximum refund possible. Those who may be interested in learning more will find tax software reviews helpful. Individuals who have completed returns online often post comments following brand reviews. These personal accounts will allow others help in deciding whether filing online will benefit them.

The Basic Edition provides step by step instructions while allowing filers to transfer the previous year’s information. This will help users save time and ensure accuracy. The online service provides free phone support. The program is easy to use, and does not require downloading or installing.

The Deluxe Edition, in addition to the services provided by the free edition, will also allow users to import their info from their banks as well as from their employers. The program will check to ensure every deduction possible has been made. The Deluxe Edition also allows users to save time by having their bank information imported directly from their bank accounts as well as employers. The information will then be automatically entered on the tax form. This edition will also alert users should audit risks arise, and offers tips on how to avoid an audit.

The Premier Edition is ideal for those who own rental properties. The program will find rental property tax deductions that will save filers money. The program also provides those who have stocks and bonds assistance with calculating investment gains and losses.

Business owners have more complex tax returns to complete. The Home and Business Edition will help small business owners find tax deductions specific to their industry. Small business owners and contractors benefit from this program which will provide them with the biggest tax savings. Large business owners and businesses with multiple partners will benefit from the Business Edition. Thousands of personal online tax software reviews will help owners decide if this program is right for them.

TurboTax guarantees filers the largest possible refund. Those needing an extension will find that TurboTax makes it easy. They guarantee that their calculations are correct. TurboTax will pay filers any IRS penalties with interest should their calculations be incorrect. With their free one on one tax advice and audit support center filing tax returns will be stress free.

HR Block is one of the oldest tax companies. They have completed millions of returns, and employ over 100,000 tax experts. While they have offices close to almost every person in the country, they now also offer affordable online services. HR Block at Home allows filers to complete their taxes at home just as easily as they would by bringing their returns to an office.

HR Block offers customers a guaranteed maximum refund. Their programs use easy to understand questions. These questions allow the software to figure out available deductions to provide the biggest return possible. They also offer free audit support as well as representation if needed. A live tax advice session to ensure a customer’s questions are answered is included in the package. They will reimburse filers should their returns be inaccurate.

First time filers, and those who have simple returns, will be able to utilize the Free Edition. HR Block guarantees accurate calculations, and will provide free audit support and representation in the unlikely event a filer using the free edition will be audited. The Basic Edition allows users to import their forms as well as the previous year’s return. The Deluxe Edition is great for homeowners and investors. Filers who are self employed, or those with rental properties will find the Premium Edition their best option. HR Block’s online software will provide advanced tax calculations. Filers who are unsure as to which program will be best will find the Help Me Choose section helpful. Filers will answer simple questions that will direct them to the best option whether they wish to file online or in person.

TaxAct is another online tax preparation site that has been around for a while now. Their software was developed by Certified Public Accountants as well as other tax experts to ensure filers the most accurate assistance. Those needing to file a return can either use TaxAct software, or their online preparation option. They can also choose between an interview style format, or a form based entry option. Simple interview questions allow filers to complete their returns easily without having any tax knowledge. The form entry option allows returns to be completed using a standard form, but may not be as easy to use as the interview style option. TaxAct alert systems will notify users of errors, and also if any money saving opportunities are missed. Customers can prepare, print, and e file both simple and complex returns free with TaxAct’s Free Federal Edition. The Deluxe Federal Edition allows users to file by importing previous year’s information for a small fee. This edition also provides filers with extra calculators and reports. The Deluxe Federal Edition also maximizes non-cash donations. State returns can be completed for an additional charge. TaxAct’s Ultimate Bundle Edition allows filers to complete both federal and state taxes at one affordable price. Returns will be finished easily in minutes. Free phone, email, and audit support is also included in this package.    

Filers choosing to complete their tax returns with CompleteTax will find they have guidance throughout the process no matter which package they purchase. Customers will have the option to print and mail their returns, or e file. Those expecting a refund will receive it in as little as eight days. CompleteTax also uses a refund ticker so users can see exactly how much their refund will be throughout the entire process. As with the other online tax companies, CompleteTax offers a maximum refund guarantee. Everyone will be able to find a package that suits their personal needs. Those with simple returns will be able to file federal taxes free. Those with more complex tax situations will be able to choose between the Deluxe and Premium Package. The Deluxe Package offers help with itemized deductions, investments, retirement, and education coverage. Charity deductions will be covered for an additional fee. The Premium Package is necessary for filing with a self employment tax. The program will also handle rental real estate and royalty income. Filers who use their homes for business purposes will also find this is the package for them.

While no one enjoys filing a tax return, technology is making it more tolerable. Online tax sites offer easy to understand instructions. Most provide step by step guidance, and free support. Those interested in learning more about filing online will find tax software reviews helpful. Researching each product will help filers decide which company and package is the best one for their tax needs. With so many options to choose users will find there is a stress free filing option for every tax situation.

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