DB Technology Alleviates Headache from Endless Paper Trail with Automated Management and Reporting Solutions: Innovative, Easy-to-Use Document Management Software Provides Much-Needed Relief to Companies' 'Paper Indigestion'

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Feeling the pain that mountains of paper can bring to an organization is something with which many of us are all too familiar. Businesses today, small and large, are all in need of a little relief when it comes to paper and the inability to quickly and efficiently access - and process - the data found in these paper trails in a timely manner. You could call it the case of 'paper indigestion.'

We have the capabilities to help organizations across a host of industries leverage existing information in a painless, efficient manner

    It is estimated that there are more than 4 trillion documents just in the U.S. Corporate paper-based documents continue to grow at a whopping rate well over 100 percent. In the healthcare industry alone, analysts estimate that American hospitals leave between $20 and $25 billion dollars every year on the table in the form of payments they have earned but failed to collect. Health care costs continue to rise and the complexities of administering the process has, despite the best intentions, become more unwieldy. The paper pain that hospitals experience on a daily basis is monumental. It is real.

It's an age old story; and one that continues to plague all segments of the business world today: too many documents on too many different computer platforms across too many diverse departments - none of it easily accessible. Technology, for all of its wonderful advantages, has helped fuel organizational chaos with high powered computers that create all sorts of data that reside in well, silos. To date, many have tried brute force to integrate these disparate systems together with mixed results - almost as if they were building a tower of "babble."

Enter DB Technology. A New Jersey-based company with more than twenty years experience in automated information management has the solution - a straightforward, cost-effective, and painless - solution. The answer, according to DB Technology is simple: create common ground where data from a variety of systems in a variety of formats can unite, in harmony to produce insightful information.

DB Technology offers a suite of products designed to address business critical access to information. These products effectively assist companies in maximizing corporate revenues by decreasing costs associated with the myriad of paper-oriented revenue cycle processes.

"As a preeminent provider of automated information management and reporting solutions our goal is simple: to provide companies the ability to easily unify, search and gain value from documents stored across any and all disparate sources," noted David Wechsler, president and CEO of DB Technology. "We have the capabilities to help organizations across a host of industries leverage existing information in a painless, efficient manner," he added.

The company's flagship product offering, Report Automation System (RAS) is a suite of scalable and flexible automation modules, enabling corporations to easily streamline and manage the paper cycle. RAS automatically transforms data into actionable information by capturing data from any application without the use of interfaces. Once captured the information is easily searched and retrieved in a secure environment. RASi, which adds a scanning component to the platform, automatically captures and organizes valuable information and converts it into digital format, which is easier to manage and distribute.

How do they do this? By leveraging standard print stream technology to pull the data and then once in their RAS system, the magic begins. The simplicity of their approach is ingenious and the value of aggregating information for streamlined processes and better decisions goes straight to the bottom line.

Using RAS software and its host of customizable modules, hospitals and healthcare facilities benefit from improved revenue cycles that come with increased efficiencies in workflow automation, minimized paper trails, shortened accounting cycles, streamlined operations and enhanced Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulatory compliance.

About DB Technology

DB Technology was founded in 1983 as a privately-held company and has assisted more than 200 hospitals in maximizing revenues and decreasing expenses by effectively automating the document management process. Through its RAS suite of scalable and flexible automation modules, hospitals and other organizations have the ability to automatically capture, access, process and distribute information and eliminate costly manual paper laden processes while at the same time eliminating the risk of improperly distributed data and ensuring confidential information remains private and accessible to only those authorized. DB Technology's products and services give hospitals the ability to easily unify, search and gain value and insight from documents stored across any and all disparate data sources. For further information call (800) 760-4096, ext. 119 or visit http://www.dbtech.com.

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