Teeter Totter Principle -- A Risk Averse Retirement/Investment Solution

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How does more fixed-rate cash, less risk, lower fees and a defined buy and sell process sound? It sounds fantastic to both retired and working investors. The Teeter Totter Principle is a simple investment management system that secures plenty of cash while generating income to pace inflation. Investors of all ages need to be educated in how to use this management system that safeguards one's money and long-term financial welfare. It is not a financial product; it is a savings management solution with a revolutionary decision-making process. To learn the TTP basics, view our multimedia presentations at http://www.teetertotterprinciple.net.

The Teeter Totter Principle Company introduces investors to a simple system for managing life savings that holds more capital in fixed-rate cash while risking less. Why do we call it the Teeter Totter Principle? Because we ask investors to place a comfortable percentage of their capital in cash and allocate only the percentage they are comfortable risking in unknown-result investments. This distribution is called the TTP Balance Objective and creates a balanced Teeter Totter visual that helps investors monitor the state of their money and their degree of risk.

As life draws on the cash and the market works on the investments, the distribution percentages change. When the investment side grows and the teeter totter tilts heavy on the investment side, it is a wise time to sell moving profits to the cash side.

If the market takes a downturn, there is plenty of cash for life expenses so you can leave investments untouched until the upturn. In fact, a downturn can present good buying opportunities. The system is designed to help investors survive market calamities without having to sell declined shares.

TTP keeps an investor buying low and selling high which we all know is how money is made in the market. Market behavior over the last several years should send investors on a search for a solution that can withstand bad conditions and maximize the benefits of good conditions. The Teeter Totter Principle does just that - it is a Better Idea!

The teeter totter visual and changing cash to investment ratio percentages help investors make good buy and sell decisions that keep their savings in a comfortable TTP Balance Objective zone. View our Show Me presentation to see a TTP plan that gives a couple a 3% inflation raise each year and after 30 years they hold capital equal to twice their original capital. After watching the tilting teeter totter in the Show Me presentation, you will want to play the TTP Responsibility Calculator market simulation game to practice using the Teeter Totter Principle.

Greg Heiple, the founder of TTP, authored a book, Teeter Totter Principle, that details this amazingly simple and effective savings management solution. He also developed an advanced learning game, TTP Responsibility Calculator -- Investor Version, so people can practice applying the system to their own capital values and income needs. Practicing with real historical market returns over a 30-year simulation while using one's own numbers is a valuable learning experience for any investor. Greg Heiple's mission is to educate.

TTP is not a financial market product. In fact, TTP works with any combination of investment products. TTP just lets investors place more in fixed-rate cash and gives them a tool that shows wise times to buy and sell investments. This simple system safeguards savings in cash, risks less capital, pays lower fees and provides a simple buy/sell decision process.


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