Teeth Whitening Product Innovation: Texas Dental Firm Offers Novel Teeth Whitening Product Line

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Ultra-White Products, Inc., a teeth whitening product manufacturer in Texas, now offers an attractive alternative to marginally effective over-the-counter teeth whitening product lines and costly dental treatments. The company’s novel teeth whitening product affords users the ability to obtain custom application trays and whitening gels at a fraction of the cost normally associated with professional cosmetic dentistry and are far more effective than over-the-counter solutions. The company has a worldwide following with over 30,000 clients and is owned an managed by a practicing dentist.

Ultra-White 16% and 22% gel solutions use carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent. When used, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide which is what ultimately whitens the teeth

Consumers frustrated by marginal results and the discomfort caused by the one-size-its-all teeth whitening gel application trays provided with over-the-counter teeth whitening products, may want to consider taking advantage of a unique teeth whitening product line offered by Ultra-White.com, a Plano, Texas dental lab. The company currently has over 30,000 satisfied clients.

“Traditionally, consumers have had but two choices when it comes to brightening their smiles,” says Dr. Timothy Huckabee , the company’s founder and a practicing cosmetic dentist. “They could see a cosmetic dentist like myself who charges upwards of $500 to make a custom application tray and then pay an addition $200 or $300 for on-going treatment, or they could take advantage of any number of over-the-counter solutions, the vast majority of which produce marginal results.”

Ultra-White.com, his company’s internet portal, offers consumers an affordable and effective alternative.

“When a consumer orders our teeth whitening system, they receive all the materials they need to make the same molds we fabricate in our lab on behalf of our local clients. Once made, molds are returned to our dental lab where a custom application is made right next to the one’s we are charging our client’s $500 to make and at considerably less cost,” Huckabee says.

A teeth tray is necessary to hold the whitening gel against the user’s teeth. According to Huckabee, custom fit trays are not only decidedly more comfortable, they are far more efficient. “One-size-fits-all applications are not only uncomfortable, they are pretty much hit and miss,” he says. “A custom made tray can be worn without discomfort and for an extended period of time. In addition, custom trays are more efficient because less gel is needed and they whiten teeth much faster.”

The company’s offering is not limited to custom trays. It offers a teeth whitening gel that is probably the biggest reason the company continues to prosper. “Ultra-White 16% and 22% gel solutions use carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent. When used, the carbamide peroxide breaks down to hydrogen peroxide which is what ultimately whitens the teeth,” he says.

The company offers two solutions. “Individuals with sensitive teeth prefer our 16% gel. While whitening more gradually, it causes less teeth sensitivity. The 22% gel whitens quickly but can cause a temporary sensitivity to extremes in temperature. Used on a daily basis, the 16% gel has to be applied for two weeks to achieve maximum whiteness,” Huckabee says. Normally, the 22% gels normally takes about 10 days.”

The company, which has been offering its teeth whitening product on-line for five years, has an enviable reputation in the industry and was recently awarded Yahoo’s Five Star rating for customer satisfaction. The reason is simple enough. The company stands behind its products. “If during or after using our products a client isn’t satisfied with her or his results, he/she can return the kit and get an instant refund,” Huckabee says.

Since the company went on-line in 1999, less than 2% of the company’s customers have requested a refund. Huckabee is very proud of that. “Not only are our clients satisfied with our teeth whitening product line, they routinely recommend our products and services to others and that’s a source of great personal satisfaction,” he says.

Ultra-White Products, Inc. is located in Plano, Texas. Dr. Huckabee can be reached via the company’s web site Ultra-White.com , by phone at (800)460-3081 or via the email hyperlink located in the right hand column.

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