Definitive Phone Shopper’s Guide – Allworx 6X vs. Xblue X16 Comparison as Featured on, Provided by Research Firm

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The average phone shopper now has a definitive source for comparing features of the Allworx 6X and Xblue X16 business phone systems*, thanks to this new guide by technology research firm

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We have compiled this short 10-minute guide for phone shoppers who would like to read a comparison between the two most popular business phone systems – the Xblue X16 and the Allworx 6X, before making a decision

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In this guide for phone shoppers, provides a detailed comparison between two of the most popular business phone systems: the Allworx 6X and the Xblue X16*; across administrative, basic key system and advanced key system features.

Some of the phone system features compared in this detailed guide include:

Administrative features: self-installable, remote programming available, upgradable software;

Basic key system features: line appearances, flexible ring assignment, day/night ring schedule, intercom with hands-free answer, auto-attendant (business & after hours), voicemail, backlit display, Basic restrict-all toll restriction; and Advanced key system features: flexible toll restriction, flexible numbering plan, SIP trunk capable, DID lines, remote phones, presence notifications, 3-party conferencing, 8-party conferencing, call appearances/park, PC attendant, and multi-office networking.

“We have compiled this short 10-minute guide for phone shoppers who would like to read a comparison between the two most popular business phone systems – the Xblue X16 and the Allworx 6X, before making a decision. We have used detailed features and cost information in our guide to offer the widest possible perspective for shoppers,” said a representative.


At an average price of only $187 per phone, the Xblue X16 is very affordable, but packs a solid punch and brings on a good fight with significant advantages for businesses when compared to the more robust, feature-packed and powerful Allworx 6X which weighs in at $494 on average per phone.


Both phones are virtually matched in terms of basic key system features, as they both possess line appearances, voicemail, auto-attendant (both business & after hours), intercom with hands-free answer, flexible ring assignment and day/night ring schedule.

The Allworx 6X shows superiority in its possession of restrict-all toll restriction, which is the ability to allow or deny a user to make a call. On the other hand, the Xblue X16 has backlit display on all its models, while Allworx is restricted to the 9224 model only.

On the advanced key system features front, the Allworx X6 is a winner with features like flexible toll restriction, flexible numbering plan, Direct Inward Dialing (DID) lines, remote phones, presence notifications and call appearances/park, which are not available on the Xblue X16.

The X16 however fights back with adapter-powered support for SIP trunking, a native feature of the Allworx 6X. 2-per-system 3-party conferencing is available on the X16 while Allworx offers this on a 1-per-phone basis. With optional software, the Allworx 6X also provides 8-party Conference Bridge, PC Attendant and Multi-office networking.

The Xblue X16 shines further in terms of administrative ease with its self-installable feature, which is absent for the Allworx 6X.

Self-installable phone systems like the Xblue X16 are plug-and-play, and do not require any form of manual installation, saving costs & time for businesses, while also reducing the likelihood of downtime. This is a major advantage for businesses, and earns the X16 top points in this review.

While lacking a self-installable feature, the Allworx 6X excels at other administrative functions including remote programming and upgradable software.

While both phone systems offer distinct advantages and come highly recommended by, the final choice depends on what matters most for businesses – if having a compact, inexpensive, capable and reliable phone system is the priority, then the Xblue X16 is the clear winner. If on the other hand more high-powered features and flexibility are required, then the Allworx 6X is the phone system of choice.

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