Telos Digital Television Network Continues Expansion to Major Markets throughout the United States

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As the expansion of Telos Digital Television Network continues, their message of Mind, Body, Spirit and Alternative Health is now available in major markets across the country. Focusing on the Top 100 Markets, Telos is now available over-the-air on Free TV.

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Telos Alternative Health Channel and Mind, Body, Spirit TV

"The combination of doctors, experts, speakers and entertaining programs makes us a one-of-a-kind network and we are pleased that viewers are responding so positively to our message," said Wes Boatman, Telos Executive VP of Programming and Production.

Telos Digital Television’s combination of digital programming and availability of focused programming is continuing their expansion, now airing in six of the top ten major markets in the United States: New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Philadelphia, Portland, Maine. Additionally, their signals are under construction in Louisville, Baton Rouge. Coming soon to Tampa-St. Petersburg, San Francisco and Miami. Telos is a venture which has gathered world-renowned, top-notch experts in the fields of nutrition, consciousness, exercise, cooking and medicine to create the first network featuring content centered on healthy mind, body and spirit and alternative medicine.

“As our population continues to hear the detrimental affects of modern medicine, processed foods and lifestyles we are subjected to, as well as the ones we inflict upon ourselves, there is a greater need to educate our viewers,” said Telos Executive Vice President of Programming and Production, Wes Boatman. “The combination of doctors, experts, speakers and entertaining programs makes us a one-of-a-kind network and we are pleased that viewers are responding so positively to our message.”

A relationship with ATV Broadcast has also been secured by Telos. ATV Broadcast, founded in 1983, has assisted hundreds of content providers and stations in their quest to connect with cable and satellite companies. This is just another way that Telos Digital Television Network is expanding their reach to provide the best of the Telos Alternative Health Channel™ and Telos Mind, Body Spirit TV.

One of the greatest benefits of the Telos Digital Television Network is the fact that it is seen on free TV, over-the-air channels and is available on-line via streaming and can be downloaded to mobile devices. As the country switches from analog to digital programming, it opens the doors for networks to expand into multiple channels. Telos is ahead of the times when it comes to the amount of focused and specific content available in one location.

As Telos continues to expand, the general population will be able to select the programs that are interesting to them. Telos will be offering all health-related programs, centering around healthy mind, body and spirit. This alternative programming captures a huge portion of the market. According to a recent report in Food Insight for the year 2012, approximately 70% of the general population stating that they are concerned about their health, 77% about their weight, and an increasing number of people trying to change their diet or habits to become healthier. Telos is the way they can be educated and entertained at the same time.

Programming offered by Telos Digital Television provides a 24-hour health, Mind Body Spirit related agenda.

With a line-up featuring doctors, educators, speakers, cooking shows, exercise gurus and talk show formats, the offering is lively and entertaining. Viewers have the ability to tune in to regular programs centered around their needs. With something on 24-7, they can pick and choose their topics according to their interests. Telos also streams (Internet) and has the capability of viewing in iPods and other new devices.

For more information about the Telos Digital Television Network, contact:
Wes Boatman
Executive Vice President of Programming and Production

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