2009 Insurance Rate Wars are in Full Swing Nationwide

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Money Saving news for consumers in these crazy economic times, thanks to the great Insurance Wars raging on all over the country, rates are lowering in many cases. Consumers are seeing savings on Temporary health insurance to Texas health Insurance and everything in between.

Here is some great Money Saving news for consumers in these crazy economic times, thanks to the great Insurance Quotes War raging on all over the country.

The activity for searches on the internet is up, which means more consumers are trying to save money and the carriers are responding, in most cases in the consumers favor. With all other costs rising, we are seeing consumers save thousands on insurance premiums for most major types of insurance.

Family Health Insurance carriers are rasing rates on old customers, but in order to get new customers in they are dopping rates. In fact a big carrier out of Chicago announced double digit DECREASES in several ZIPCODES for Texas Health Insurance allowing new customers to save.

Travel Health Insurance market is down, because air travel is off by a reported 30% and the carriers are working hard to maintain their marketshare in these crazy economic times, introducing lower cost options and availibility to new markets.

Auto Insurance has seen the largest move since the introduction of car insurance by the mile was introduced earlier this year allowing some segements of the market to save over 60% in car insurance premiums every month, in fact, Texas Car Insurance by the mile is climbing in popularity daily thanks to a nich provider that only offers coverage by the mile.

Temporary Health Insurance is now one of the most searched insurance words on Google, up over 50% this time last year because of the sharp demand in LOW COST temporary health insurance coverage. So many employers are cutting jobs and thus driving the uninsured numbers through the roof, which is causing millions of families to find affordable health insurance on their own and has set the healthcare industry in a spin trying to find a balance between quality coverage and monthly rates that are attractive to newly unemployed families.

Flood Insurance is on the rise. Many of these sub-prime lenders have left the market and the national lenders are more restrictive and demand more protection for their assets, so flood insurance requirements are up and its the demand is up too.

Life Insurance rates have reduced too.... Jan. 2009 a new batch of numbers were released stating that people are living longer, which allowed the Life Insurance companies to lower their rates in many cases. If you have a life policy purchased prior to 1/1/2009 you may be paying to much. Some of the largest savings we are seeing are in TERM LIFE INSURANCE between $500,000 and $1 million.

Family Health Insurance savings are availible through many carriers now. In fact there is one very well know health carrier in texas that has capped its rates for families with more than 3 children, so if you have 4,5,6 children your rates will be the same as if you only had 3. WOW thats a huge savings, and just another way the insurance companies are trying to win your business in these crazy family health insurance wars.

Temporary Medical Insurance plans are more popular with the between jobs crowed, which is driving new temporary medical insurance plans, coverages and carriers to the market place, allowing the consumer more options and more savings.

Insurance Agents are not sheltered from these wars, since they make a living on the premium collected, they too are fighting to gain new customers, and keep the ones they have, so they are stepping up their game as well. They can not change the price since it is set by the department of insurance and the carriers but they can provide VALUE ADDED service, better service and incentives like extended hours and personal visits if that is what is required of the agent. Not only should you be getting better rates, but better service as well from your insurance agent .

Online Insurance Quotes firms have exploded due to these current Insurance Wars. More people are looking on the internet for insurance several new to the market insurance companies and insurance leads companies have sprouted, up becomming the middle man beetween your search and the agent or carrier of choice, which is cause for a lot more activity for your business.

Travel Medical Insurance is one not often thought about but because the airlines and travel agencies are trying to make more money they are adding a higher priced trip Insurance onto your tab, and often times you can save 10-40% if you were to buy your travel medical insurance insurance directly online or with the trip Insurance company themselves.

Life Insurance Sales are not common place, but there are many people who do not need their life insurance any more and could sell it to thrid party buyers and get needed cash. Not all life policies can be sold, nor are the offers high enough, but don't just let a Life Insurance policy lapse without first finding out if you could sell it.

Insurance is very important, and many Americans feel they are INSURANCE poor , but smart consumers are finding ways to save millions on their insurance coverages in their time of need. Don't count on the government to provide you with your insurance needs, do the leg work yourself, save money, get the same or better protection and keep the control to yourself.


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