Tera Online Berserker Guide Power Leveling Alert : Veliks Tera guide Now Helps Players Reach the Max Level Fast

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An unofficial Tera Online Berserker guide with Veliks Guide has been recently released to help players master the Berserker class. More details are available at http://veliksteraguide.com.

Veliks Guide

Veliks Tera Guide

Veliks Guide, with more details at http://veliksteraguide.com, manages to put together a complete resource rich in content, detail and simplicity.

On May 1st, Tera Online fans put an end to the wait as the final version of the game went live. After an extended period of beta testing the game was ready to be launched causing a positive reaction from multiple game critics (source: tera.wikia.com/wiki/TERA_Wiki). One of the most popular classes in Tera, the Berserker, received special attention from a team of professional players who developed a comprehensive guide to aid the fans master the character and have fun while doing it. A Tera Online Berserker guide with Veliks Guide has been recently released in the form of a six module pack to transform average players into elitists.

The Berserker is probably the most influential class in the game, combining brute force with agility. It is a melee DPS character that requires a lot of movement during most of the encounters, making it difficult to master. Being an aggressive class, its popularity raised amongst players that enjoy close combat situations and brute force hits. Its most devastating attacks require a high level of precision and good reflexes in order to cast multi-hit combos. Because the class is difficult to play, the Tera Online Berserker Guide can be regarded as a genuine ace up the sleeve of every gamer.

Veliks Guide, with more details at veliksteraguide.com, manages to put together a complete resource rich in content, detail and simplicity. The team behind it is composed of multiple professional gamers that have a better understanding of what information can be considered valuable in the development process of a Berserker. Following the success of their previous release, the Aeon Star Wars: The Old Republic, the team created the Tera guide replicating the quality and value of information.

The complete Tera Online Berserker Guide contains multiple modules to cover every single aspect of the character build, customization, gameplay, end game content and much more. Composed of six distinct handbooks, "The Complete Walkthrough" is the main module featured by Veliks Guide. Within the guide, players will find step-by-step information on how to level the Berserker from level 1 to 60 as fast as possible without any headaches. It focuses on questing, skill combinations, combos and other class mechanics. Everything in this module is scaled to reflect the player's level. "The Items and Stats" module complements the walkthrough by providing item lists of almost all the gear available in the game including properties and bonuses that can be scaled to the level of the Berserker for a smoother progression. As a third addition to the guide, "The Detailed Map and NPC Location" module pinpoints all the locations of non-playable characters in the game to speed up questing. Additionally, the Berserker class guide fulfills the role of a complete character mechanics handbook that includes tested skill builds. Once the players reach level 60, "The Endgame Guide" can help them through what lays beyond questing by revealing high difficulty dungeons, strategies and achievements. For the ones that enjoy player-versus-player battlegrounds, the last module called "Kick-Ass PvP guide" contains valuable information regarding tactics, best practices, enemy weaknesses and many other useful information to overpower opponents. All these modules have been compiled in such a complete resource that no additional guides are required to master the Berserker class and dominate the game. It is a must have for every Tera player that strives to own and have an elite character.

More bonuses, promotions, and details are available at http://veliksteraguide.com.

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