Expat Medical Offering Terror Insurance in Response to Huge Demand

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With large amounts of requests for this service, Expat Medical Insurance is offering insurance which covers terrorism. Be they car bombs, suicidal postal workers, or even kamikaze 747s, you’ll be covered.

In the world we live in today, people need to feel safe, and that’s why more people then ever before are requesting terrorism insurance.

The dangers of the world today extend to touch all of us in some way. With the amount of media surrounding acts of terrorism, it’s no surprise that insurance companies are starting to offer coverage. Expat Medical is just trying to capitalize on a global trend toward violence that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As more of the world dissolves into war and conflict, more people will need insurance plans which will allow a feeling of safety even when facing acts of terror.

“I’m going to Israel and I need to be covered in case of terrorism. Is that even a possibility?” was one woman’s question to Expat Medical’s sales rep Liz Russell. That question eventually prompted Expat Medical Insurance to start providing plans with this coverage.

“The difficulty with providing terrorism insurance is that terror covers so many things. Sometimes terrorist groups even take over entire governments, and then their previous actions are classified as acts of war. To give the best possible coverage our plans cover not only terrorism but also acts of war.” Neil Raymond Expat Medical CEO

Many of Expat Medical’s clients travel abroad to countries where acts of terrorism or war are entirely expected. When traveling to a country like this, it’s natural for a person to feel frightened, especially when he or she realizes that almost no insurance plans cover people for accidents caused by terror. Imagine your anger while in the hospital trying to receive treatment for a serious injury you received from a car bomb, then the hospital tells you that you aren’t covered by your insurance. You’re left holding a large medical bill, and you’ll still be paying for that insurance policy that let you down.

“It all boils down to what makes you feel safe. With Expat Medical’s plans you’re covered for all acts of terrorism or war no matter country you live in. This creates a feeling of safety. When you’re covered like this you don’t need to worry about your health insurance flaking out on you in an emergency.” Neil Raymond

About Expat Medical Insurance:

Expat Medical Insurance is owned by Pacific Prime, and is an insurance broker. Pacific Prime works with many of the largest insurance companies and have 20,000+ clients located worldwide. Pacific Prime is the largest insurance broker in Asia.


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