Terry Fixel Helps Families Make a Smoother Transition to Shared Custody

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Parents who share custody of their children with their ex-spouses may have trouble adjusting or creating balance between both homes. Terry Fixel, noted family law attorney, observes tips to make the transition easier and notes that these efforts will create better futures for everyone involved.

Divorce rates in America have gradually declined over recent years, but that does not mean that the process has become any less difficult for those involved. Spouses and their children not only have to manage the stress involved with the actual separation process, but they also have to continue to provide a balance between homes when child custody is shared. A new article from The Huffington Post outlines some of the most common struggles parents have adjusting to sharing their child with their ex-spouse and offers suggestions on how to make the process easier. Terry Fixel supports these suggestions and having learned from her experience as a family law attorney, she notes that a continued effort from both parents can prevent further legal issues in the future.

The article states that one of the most difficult things for a recently divorced parent is getting used to the feeling that a child will not always be present; they will be living at another home, with their other parent. While this is a tough and emotional process for the parent, it can prove even harder for the child, who may not know where to call home or feel comfortable at either home.

The article suggests that these parents should make continued efforts to show their child that they are thinking about them. It recommends scheduling regular phone calls, sending small gifts or notes and setting up rituals or traditions (i.e. watching a television show every week) so that the child knows the parent is not absent. Terry Fixel agrees, “Encourage your child to feel that they are loved by both parents in both homes equally.”

However, creating a balance between two homes can prove difficult when dealing with the other parent. The article suggests making the other parent feel welcome in your home to make the child feel comfortable. As a way to avoid favoritism, one should establish rules early so that the child can know how to behave in each space. As a proponent of early mediation during and after the divorce process, Terry Fixel encourages parents to work these details out as best as possible as soon as the separation is decided upon. She adds, “The easier the transition to two homes between divorcing parties for the child, the better the relationship between the child and both parents.”


Terry Fixel is a practicing attorney in Hollywood, Florida who specializes in appellate and family law. She has developed a strong reputation among the community having served local residents since 1979. Fixel is a graduate of the University of Miami Law School. She is a “Member in Good Standing” with the Florida Bar and continues to display a thorough working knowledge of state and federal law. In addition to handling appellate cases, she is an expert in legal matters involving divorce, child custody, and domestic violence.

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