Unplug your electrical appliances while on holiday, and be amazed at your energy savings

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Unplugging gadgets and appliances when on holiday can save homeowners as much as 10kWh a day - that's a great saving of about £14 a fortnight. Not only do homeowners save on electricity and gas prices but, also be making their contribution towards saving the planet.

This year's holiday makers could be missing a trick by leaving electrical devices on standby, wasting as much as £14 in energy usage during a fortnight's holiday, warns Tescocompare.com, the financial search engine.

Debra Williams, spokesperson for Tescocompare.com commented: "Although this isn't a massive amount, it is money which could easily be saved if electrical appliances were switched off at the source or unplugged altogether. Most devices continue to use energy when left on standby, and can easily consume 10kWh per day - costing up to a £1 a day when the appliance is unused. Those going on a traditional two-week break could be wasting an average of £14 whilst they are away."

Turning appliances off at the switch doesn't automatically disconnect them from the grid - some gadgets will continue to draw a significant amount of electrical current unless they are unplugged from the source. As electricity prices go up, and even down, it is important to try to save where possible, not because of the savings homeowners will make to their bank balance, but also because saving electricity is good for the environment. The same goes for gas, regardless of the latest gas prices.

Here are some easy steps to follow which will keep homes safe and energy efficient while holiday makers frolic in the sun this year:

Step 1: Avoid the standby trap - homeowners should unplug the following devices the day they leave for a holiday:

  • TVs
  • DVD players
  • Stereos
  • Computers - and all attached devices i.e. printers, scanners, monitors etc
  • Radios

Step 2: Other appliances can be switched off altogether:

  • Fridge / Freezer - consider emptying fridges / freezers and defrosting them too - defrosting these appliances regularly makes them work more efficiently and use less energy in the long run
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric boilers
  • Electric towel rails

Step 3: Remember to unplug the extension cord as well as the actual appliance; to guard against unnecessary energy wastage

Step 4: Those concerned about the cost of energy are encouraged to check how much they could save by switching energy tariffs. Visit http://www.tescocompare.com to compare the latest energy deals.

Notes to Editors:
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