Doctor-Created Silent Test Timer Helps Aspiring Medical School Students Ace the MCAT

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MD invents eXaminator® – the only test timer watch that satisfies all MCAT rules and regulations.

It’s just what the doctor ordered: A patented, truly silent, test timer wristwatch designed to help prospective medical school students ace the August 18th Medical School Admissions Test (MCAT). eXaminator® was created by a physician out of his own need to successfully tackle the multitude of standardized tests he faced as a medical student, from the MCAT to the USMLE exams, all the way through medical boards. His experience taught him that even the most brilliant student will have trouble performing up to his or her academic potential unless first overcoming the number one cause of test-taking anxiety: Answering questions within the time limits.

Better pacing means fewer mistakes, less stress

Dr. Dirk de Brito, a Board Certified E.R. physician, with additional training in Psychiatry, created eXaminator to help students excel when it matters most – at test time. eXaminator is specifically designed to keep students on perfect pace so they finish standardized multiple choice and essay exams in a timely manner with more questions answered.

When students are anxious during an exam, they are more likely to make mistakes they would not normally have made had they utilized better test pacing strategies. Worn like a regular wristwatch, eXaminator lets students know exactly what question number they should be on at any given point during an exam and how much time is left in the exam. The watch reminds the student to check their pace with a gentle vibration.

“The first time I took the exam, I didn’t use eXaminator,” laments Brandy R., now a Resident in California and one of eXaminator’s Success Stories. “I misjudged my time and ended up rushing to complete the exam. I left some questions blank and was very stressed. The next time, I used eXaminator – what an amazing difference! I was calm, paced myself through the entire exam and, overall, did much, much better.” Brandy wishes she had eXaminator for the MCATs all along – she says she would have received better medical school interviews.

The only silent test timer that conforms to MCAT rules

eXaminator’s construction conforms to the rules of essentially all standardized tests, including the MCAT. eXaminator silently paces students throughout their exams with a gentle vibration that alerts only the user and does not disturb others in the room. Unlike its competitors which are forbidden at MCAT testing centers, eXaminator does not sit on top of the desk, use flashing lights or operate like a chess timer that requires the user hit the device after every question is completed. Instead, eXaminator is the only silent test timer on the market today that uses a built-in vibration alarm to prompt the wearer to check his or her pace at preset intervals and successfully stay on track.

To learn more about eXaminator, the only patented, truly silent, test timer watch, contact Lauri de Brito, or visit

About eXaminator®

eXaminator® is a registered trademark of The de Brito Corporation, P.O. Box 1884, Beverly Hills, CA 90213.


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