WPFG Studios and Several Hundred Texas Filmmakers Celebrate the New Texas Film Incentives at Statewide Industry Mixing Party

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WPFG studios and the Wolfpack Film Group brought together over 400 entertainment professionals from all over the state to celebrate the new Texas production incentive package recently passed through legislation. The celebration party held at a soundstage in downtown Austin, likened to a filmmaker circus by several participants, combined a state wide industry mixer and food drive for the homeless with a live filmmaker and music showcase highlighting some of what Texas has to offer projects planning to take advantage of the new production incentive program in Texas.

A year ago Texas was ranked 42 out of 42 for film incentives, but the landmark legislation that just passed put Texas back on the map. The film Business is back in Texas!

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WPFG studios and the Wolfpack Film Group brought together over 400 entertainment professionals from all over the state to celebrate the new Texas production incentive package recently passed through legislation. The celebration, held at a soundstage in downtown Austin, combined a state wide industry mixer and food drive for the homeless with a live filmmaker and music showcase. It included seven musical performers, filming on six HD cameras with two steadicam operators, live directing/switching/projection of the event, on set editing, a live HD streaming internet broadcast, and a screening of video content produced by members of the Wolfpack Film Group. Likened to a filmmaker circus by several participants, the party effectively highlighted some of the resources available in Texas for projects that wish to take advantage of the state's new cash rebate production incentive program.

A music video format stylized party video featuring the Austin, TX musical artist KJ Hines' track 'I Own This,' which was performed at the party, can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/wolfpackalpha73

Producer Robin Blesch, owner of WPFG Studios and creator of the Wolfpack Film Group organized the collaborative effort of many of Austin's top entertainment industry companies and professionals in the spirit of teamwork, camaraderie, and community to throw the Wolfpack Texas Film Incentive Celebration, not just to celebrate a big win for Texas filmmakers, but also as a thank you to the TXMPA (Texas Motion Picture Alliance), the non-profit organization that spearheaded the passing of HB 873 and SB 605. Paul Alvarado, TXMPA's Central Texas representative and a spokesperson at the party, said "A year ago Texas was ranked 42 out of 42 for film incentives, but the landmark legislation that just passed put Texas back on the map. The film Business is back in Texas!" A video from the 2009 TXMPA Lobby Day showing several hundred filmmakers lobbying for the bills can be seen on the TXMPA website, http://www.txmpa.org, along with more information about the TXMPA. Detailed information about the new incentive package can be found on the Texas Film Commission website.

The Wolfpack Film Group, Austin's Independent Underground Studio System, along with the party's sponsors and collaborators displayed and used some of the newest technology available in the industry to plan, film, and broadcast the party over the internet. During the planning phase, in response to the economy, Ms. Blesch encouraged filmmakers from all over the city to work cooperatively in a virtual office network from their home work-stations, instead of a more traditional workspace. At the party, the event was filmed with five HD cameras, and the New RED ONE camera shooting 35mm post scan resolution digitally to hard drives using the optics of 35mm lenses, brought by Wolfpack Director of Photography Michael Morlan, owner of Austin Film Tools. The 1080 HD live internet broadcast, provided by 501 Stage and Screen, presented Texas filmmakers working together and celebrating the new Texas Production Incentives in real time. Internet viewers interacted with attendees by text message, and party goers visually responded on the live stream creating an all around high tech display of what Texas filmmakers have to offer out of town, out of state, and global clients.

The private party's guest-list, which was closed more than a month before the event with over 600 RSVPs, was developed by http://slatecast.com (A popular entertainment networking site). Ms. Blesch worked with Slatecast to develop the new guest-list platform to be completely green, accessible from anywhere online, easy to manage, and available to others after the party for industry related events.

"I consider this event a huge success. I had a great group of entertainment professionals working the party, and over 400 industry professionals there. Despite the rain, and competition from other major film events of the season, the party was full with a line of people at the door almost all night. Filmmakers came from all over Texas, and some from out of state to participate; company owners, producers, directors, attorneys, plus crew and talent of all types networking. Business was done at the party! As a producer, I love providing opportunities for those around me, but most of all I love working with those people to make movies. The new incentive package we were all celebrating will do a lot for the film industry here providing jobs for Texans, and stimulating the state's economy as the budgets of the films are spend in Texas." Said Ms. Blesch.

As the night progressed, the atmosphere turned electric. Celebrating partygoers enjoyed the seven different musical acts, most of which are internationally recognized. The lineup included local rock band Dawn Over Zero, Dap Records' local rap/rock fusion artist KJ Hines who played with only part of his eight piece band, Scorpion Ranch's Local Trance/Electronica/Celtic performer Lauren Morris, and AMFM Studios' artist Reno Perez (Who was joined on stage by multi-grammy award winner Randy Caballero of Studiomasters, and Julio Gomez Rejon of 4Copas Texas) playing an innovative new sound mix of Mariachi and Blues.

Westbank Records brought three hip hop/rap artists from New Orleans to perform at the party: Mini Stylz, Mystah Beez, and Flip Set Fred, and WPFG Studios held the debut screening of the Why You Think I'm Trippin' Mini Stylz music video featuring Mystah Beez http://vimeo.com/5400377. The video was recently produced and directed by Robin Blesch and shot on the new RED ONE Camera by DP Michael Morlan in New Orleans for Westbank Records. In the spirit of bringing more work to Texas, Ms. Blesch announced Westbank Records' plan to have two more music videos produced by WPFG Studios for Mystah Beez and Flip Set Fred, which will be be shot in Austin, TX next year.

The live entertainment culminated as the United America Texas Beauty Queens joined the stage with West Bank Records' performers as the party's host Producer Robin Blesch popped a bottle of champaign in celebration of filmmaking in Texas and the new Texas production incentives. Producer Peter Yoder from Bleutuna Limited said "It's the best film mixer I've been to in Austin yet." Adam Pearson, one of the parties camera operators, added "It was more like a real community generator." Corey Stimak, the party's video projection tech. added "I'm amazed at what can be accomplished by the collaboration of independent filmmakers. Walter Olden of Olden Lighting, who brought the spectacular light show said "I've been doing lighting in Central Texas for 25 years, so my company tries to support the industry as much as possible. I hope everyone enjoyed the lighting as much as I enjoyed providing it."

The attendees all brought food for the homeless food drive, and members from WPFG Studios, Health Yes!, and GVT Productions delivered the donations to Safe Place and Mobile Loaves and Fishes after the event. "The party-goers completely filled up the Health Yes humvee with donations for the homeless," said Allison Wood (Owner of Health Yes!). Health Yes! provides painless, non-invasive cardiovascular and bone health screenings. Ms. Blesch added "I think it's awesome that not only will the production incentives stimulate the Texas economy, but we also get to help others while we celebrate! I want to thank all my sponsors, crew, staff and talent who helped make this event happen."

The party's open bar was proud to serve sponsored 4Copas Tequila (The world's only certified organic tequila), Toro de Lidia Tequila, Tito's Vodka (A Texas vodka with a Double Gold World Spirit Award), and a choice of three great Texas beers Shiner Boch, Shiner Blonde, and Pyramid Hefenweiser all chilled and served with Kwik Ice, who provided 1000lbs of ice for the party. Nuno's on 6th St. provided bar support, and For Your Consideration Consulting staffed the party's bartenders and shot girls.

The Party was produced with a zero starting budget by a true collaborative effort from many companies and individuals that pitched in to make the event a success. WPFG Studios handled production and the creative direction, acquired the sponsorship and entertainment, and hosted the event. TXMPA brought representatives to answer questions about the new Texas Production Incentives. Austin Film Tools provided the new RED ONE camera package. Slatecast.com created the new event platform that was used to manage the party's guest-list. The Independent at 501 Studios provided the sound stage/music venue for the party's location, and 501 Stage and Screen provided the 1080 HD live Internet broadcast. 20Seven Media and Britton HD Video Productions provided on-set editing services. Joining the production team, For Your Consideration Consulting managed the staff, GVT Productions managed the guest-list, and Do Your Business Concierge helped with set operation. Bleutuna Limited and Visual Vagos provided live direction. AMFM Studios provided some publicity services and brought 4Copas Texas Tequila, Toro de Lidia Tequila, musical artist Reno, and Studiomasters who ran the sound for the party. Health Yes! helped make the food drive and party possible. The Hilton Downtown provided beautiful rooms at a great price for out of town partygoers. Cort Furniture Rental provided the furniture for the party and lounge. Floppy King Productions provided legal assistance. Olden Lighting brought the main party lighting, Cozmic Funk Studios did the lounge lighting. Omega Broadcast Group provided camera support. Gear Rental provided the Clear-com System, and Jabber Walkie provided the walkie talkies. Flaming Heart Entertainment provided some of the camera operation. Other sponsors include Pro-tape Systems, RWP Productions, Chaos Films, Bee Free Photography, Steadicam Joe, Austin Outhouse, and JSquared.

Due to the overwhelming success of the party, Producer Robin Blesch has teamed up with Karma Lounge, Austin's premier upscale lounge, to host the WPFG Studios New Year's Eve Texas Film Industry Bash. "The New Year's Eve party I'm planning next will be a private industry mixing party to remember, and the best way for industry professionals in Texas to start off their new year with new business connections." says Ms. Blesch

The Wolfpack Film Group is a consortium of production companies, producers, directors, writers, filmmakers, and support crew members, and in only a few short years the Wolfpack has risen to prominence in Texas under Ms. Blesch by pooling their resources much like a studio system to make feature films, music videos, commercials, and more. WPFG Studios most noticeable recent work includes the production of the feature film 'Anything for Now,' recently submitted to Sundance among other festivals, the 'Why You Think I'm Trippin' music video for West Bank Records, 47 global internet ads for Match.com, an internet commercial for Maidenform Bras, the filming of the Austin Music Awards at SXSW 2009, the PSA TV campaign with DP Lee Daniel and Save Austin Music, and a large modeling workshop in 'Austin's Most High Tech Home' among many other things.

For more info on the New Year's Eve industry mixer, or to discuss filming a project in Texas contact Producer Robin Blesch by email at: wolfpackalpha73(at)yahoo.com, or by phone at: 832-418-0157. For project updates and info visit Producer Robin Blesch's Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/wolfpackalpha73 or Follow Robin on Twitter http://twitter.com/Producer_Robin
For detailed information about the new Texas production incentives contact the Texas Film Commission or the TXMPA.


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