TextMarks Launches Affiliate Program for Group Text Messaging

TextMarks is a profitable mobile marketing provider of group mobile alerts for consumers and a group text messaging platform for organizations and websites. TextMarks has launched its mobile marketing affiliate program through ShareASale and is offering TextMarks mobile marketing affiliates a one-time sales commission of 80% in the first month.

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Broadcast free text messages to your group with TextMarks

TextMarks enables anyone with a mobile phone and a message to promote to launch an effective mobile marketing campaign within minutes, says Ariel Poler, TextMarks CEO.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 2, 2010

TextMarks, provider of group text messaging services for consumers as well as a text messaging application platform for organizations and websites, announced the launch of its mobile marketing affiliate program through ShareASale.

Group text messaging services like TextMarks provide a timely and highly responsive marketing solution to reach the over 234 million US subscribers with mobile phones. According to comScore, over 2/3rds of US mobile phone subscribers used text messaging in December 2009 alone, or 147 million consumers. "TextMarks enables anyone with a mobile phone and a message to promote to launch an effective mobile marketing campaign within minutes," says TextMarks CEO Ariel Poler, a seasoned Internet start-up veteran and founder and CEO of both IPRO and Topica.

TextMarks was launched in 2007 and is currently profitable, with thousands of customers who subscribe to either the TextMarks monthly group messaging plans that start as low as $9.95 or a free, unlimited text messaging plan that is ad-supported. Anyone with a mobile phone number can create a custom TextMarks keyword to build a mobile subscriber list, broadcast alerts, chat via group texts, coordinate events, provide information, and much more. TextMarks works on all major US wireless networks.

Users simply text your keyword to mobile shortcode 41411 and are instantly subscribed to your group mobile alerts. TextMarks customers include everyone from large marketing agencies to small business owners, as well as teachers, coaches, religious organizers, entertainment promoters, and even restaurants such as pizza delivery places. TextMarks customer and small business owner Nick Ramirez of Things That Glow.com sings the service's praises, "TextMarks' group text messaging service has been the most powerful and effective marketing tool I have ever used."

Text messaging campaigns are more powerful in generating an immediate response and timely conversion to a sale or a phone call to your business because they are read almost instantly upon receipt, whereas users are so flooded with emails from every source that it's harder to reach an audience via email now - the message is often ignored. Because all subscribers opt-in to the group mobile lists that are powered by the TextMarks mobile platform, the response rates for our TextMarks list owners is very high.

TextMarks clients get customers to join their mobile lists in creative ways, including advertising on billboard and print ads, tv and radio commercials, email, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Do a search for "41411" on Twitter and you'll see hundreds of posts promoting mobile lists that are powered by TextMarks, thanks in part to the service's auto-post feature, which allows any text message sent out through TextMarks to automatically appear on Twitter and Facebook.

TextMarks has relationships with over 1500 developers who are using the TextMarks SMS API to easily send and receive text messages via their web site or application. Any developer can use the TextMarks Mobile Application Services Platform in addition to becoming a TextMarks affiliate to make money by integrating text messaging into their clients' web sites and applications.

The TextMarks affiliate program offers website publishers and developers a highly lucrative 80% commission on the first month's sale, along with a 120 day tracking cookie. TextMarks provides ongoing marketing support to affiliates via its dedicated Affiliate Manager as well as mobile marketing alerts targeted to help affiliates be successful, available by texting the keyword "AFFILIATES" to 41411. For additional information on TextMarks' affiliate program, please visit the TextMarks site or sign up at Share-a-Sale.

About TextMarks
TextMarks is a profitable San Francisco-based mobile marketing provider of group mobile alerts for consumers and a group text messaging platform for organizations and websites. TextMarks turns any mobile phone into a powerful marketing tool by enabling timely delivery of a message via group text messaging. Subscribe to TextMarks mobile alerts by sending a text with keyword "TEXTMARKS" to 41411.

Press Contact: Denise Terry, Phone: 1-415-424-5588
Affiliate Program Contact: affiliates(at)textmarks(com)com




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