Acting Corps’ Artistic Director Eugene Buica Tops the Charts on YouTube with His Appearance on America’s Next Top Model

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Acting Corps’ Artistic Director Eugene Buica tops the charts on YouTube with his appearance on America’s Next Top Model.


Appearing on the second episode of the 16th season of America’s Next Top Model, Mr. Buica prepares and coaches all of the remaining 13 models on the show.

Mr. Buica, a veteran Hollywood acting teacher and founder of The Acting Corps, one of the best respected acting schools in Los Angeles, pushes the models to look within and figure out what they’re made of and what they really have to offer.

Mr. Buica takes the models on an unpredictable emotional journey when he puts them through his “inner critic” exercise. The exercise starts by having each model draw on a large canvas a picture of their “inner critic”, the part of them that tells them that they are not good enough, not worthy of love, success, or happiness.

Mr. Buica then assists the models with their drawings, challenging them to dig deeper and draw the actual people who have impaired their progress and have made them feel small.

The last part of the exercise has Mr. Buica playing each model’s inner critic, holding up each model’s painting as he confronts the model with what her inner critic would say.

The models respond, one after the other revealing deep personal truths that force them to experience strong emotional catharsis and eventually fight back, putting their “inner critic” in his or her place.

It’s the first time a high caliber professional acting coach like Mr. Buica has appeared on America’s Next Top Model. And the response has been tremendous. Turning on its head the old reality television adage that acting doesn’t sell, the overwhelming response indicates otherwise.

The Acting Corps, the Los Angeles acting school founded by Eugene Buica, has been attended by thousands of actors, and it currently boasts a roster of 1400 alumni with professional acting credits on IMDB. It’s flagship program, The Actors’ Boot Camp is known the world over, and has earned the respect of prominent actors and directors like Rainn Wilson from “The Office” and 5 time Oscar winner Sydney Pollack.

A video of Mr. Buica’s appearance on America’s Next Top Model can be found on YouTube at:

With Eugene Buica as its Artistic Director, The Acting Corps is LA's most dynamic acting school. Acting classes take place in a newly designed building, 3 minutes from Universal Studios and 5 minutes from Warner Bros. To inquire about enrollment in the nationally recognized school, visit or call 818.753.2800.


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