The Family Debt-True Crime Book Features Mafioso Daughter Remembering Unsolved Murder of Beloved Father

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True crime enthusiasts appreciate mysterious plots and colorful characters especially when they involve possible Mafia connections. The Family Debt exposes a unique blend of good guys, bad guys and family guardians to create a riveting crime story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats right to the very end.

“My motivation for writing the book and performing the exhaustive research that served as the foundation for this project has pulled at my heartstrings for many years”.

This true cold case crime story written by Teresa Bianco is no different as it chronicles the life of Giacomo ”Jack” Bianco, son of a Sicilian immigrant family that perseveres a wide range of circumstances to become a prominent business owner only to fall victim of an unfortunate and untimely demise.

The scene is set in Gary, Indiana, 1900-1970. As the saga unfolds, the reader experiences the trials, tribulations and joys of a family’s journey from Sicily to the United States. Exposed are the memorable experiences encountered as the family systematically negotiates the ranks of middle class America. The book is a unique cold case thriller for those true crime buffs that enjoy the captivating mixture of true crime with the added blend of Mafioso meddling.

The Family Debt as narrated by the author captures the reader’s interest immediately and guides them through a captivating yet true story. As readers learn about these multifarious characters, Sicilian customs and delicious Mediterranean food traditions, the book provides a unique look into the lifestyles and customs of this Sicilian family. The addition of intrigue and mayhem associated with an unfortunate cold case murder weaves meaning into the reader’s journey.

Cold case crime enthusiasts will appreciate the book from an additional perspective as it also provided a peak into mindset and history of the main characters. When asked about the book, Teresa Bianco explained, “This was a lifelong dream that I’ve had for many years”. “My motivation for writing the book and performing the exhaustive research that served as the foundation for this project has pulled at my heartstrings for many years”.

Understandably, the book delicately merges the emotional perspectives of a young daughter that loses her confidant and beloved father to a horrific crime. These emotions are evident as you read the pages that disclose the family associations, relationships and life experiences of an immigrant family in Gary, Indiana during this time period. Undoubtedly, the struggle between family, business, gambling and illegal activities create quite an emotional stir as Giacomo Bianco attempts to balance family life, business, and sometimes questionable activities by dubious family members.

Teresa Bianco is a successful communications consultant turned writer and The Family Debt is her first entrée into the publishing arena. Written in good taste and with colorful descriptions the book certainly establishes her as a good writer within the true crime genre and someone to keep a close eye on.

When asked about her preparation for writing the book Teresa explains that her formal education could not prepare her for the experience of creating The Family Debt as it was her personal life experiences that positioned her to tell such a captivating true crime story.

Evident in the style of her writing is a true down to earth depiction of her early life and the events that led to her decision to write the book, in hopes to someday resolve the unsolved mystery of her father’s death.

While there are many true crime books that provide interesting twist and turns this book is unique because of the personal involvement of the author and the flavorful story telling that highlights the entire read. The Family Debt introduces a fresh perspective to the conventional true crime story and delivers a much broader meaning to the term “cold case crime”. The Family Debt also proves that it is possible for a writer to be personally involved in the core subject matter and still be capable of delivering a compelling yet alluring chronology of a cold case crime story that captures attention, invokes thought and adds the personal touch of emotion that allows readers to understand the perspective of the writer.

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