Introducing The Olivia, at 40", the Tallest, Deepest Soak Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub on the Market -- Manufactured by Clarke Products

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Finally, a Walkin tub that enables the bather to be totally submerged in water and fully benefit from the therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy! American made from a leader in the bathware industry since 1984. Top quality and design with unique safety and ergonomically correct features including the lowest step-in (3") of any Walk-In Bathtub, and the patent pending Comfort Seat.

Most Walk-In Bathtubs offer only 12" to 15" inches of water from the seat to the overflow. In The Olivia the bather has a revolutionary 19" of water in which to immerse their body. Our customers are thrilled!

After listening carefully to the needs and wants of the thousands of people in the market for a Walk-In tub with whom we have spoken and visited in our showrooms, and having taken ease of installation & servicing into consideration, we have created a product - The Olivia - that is as close to perfect as is possible in every way.

To bring our design concept to life, we have partnered with the only manufacturer we feel fits that bill as well; Clarke Products, which also makes the top of the line Passages™ Walk-In tubs we proudly carry. The marriage of our design, knowledge and understanding of the marketplace, and Clarke's experience, impeccable reputation and quality standards makes for an unbeatable combination. Clarke Products manufactures THE ONLY Walk-In Bathtubs made of Lucite® cast acrylic with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors on the tub surface.

Most people that want and need a Walk-In Bathtub hope for the same things - ease of entry, safety, and a deep soaking experience. Everything about The Olivia is designed to address those desires.

We have designed the totally unique seating area of The Olivia -The Comfort Seat (patent pending #3792958 ) - so that the knees are elevated 1.5" inches above the back of the platform of the seat which makes it virtually impossible to slip off the seat and gives the sensation of semi-reclining or being cradled in the seat. Additionally, there is built in lumbar support at the base of the back of the seat. offers the most comfortable and secure seat of any Walk-In Bathtub on the market.

To further enhance the deep soaking experience, the overflow is placed as high up on the tub as is possible which provides 19.1" inches of water depth/ body immersion above the back of seat, and 18.5" above the knee area. This is by far the greatest water depth of any acrylic Walk-In tub. The average level of immersion above the seat of most Walkin bathtubs on the market is between 11" and 15". That means you only are covered in water halfway up your torso. In The Olivia, virtually any size person can have water covering their shoulders and enjoy full body benefit from buoyancy and hydrotherapy..

That overflow drain control has a small nodule on the top that you push a half inch to either side to open and close the drain. No wrist turning whatsover is required. Isn't that a relief! We all know that for those with arthritis or an osteoporotic condition just turning one's wrist can be excruciating.

The well area (space between the edge of the seat and the far wall of the tub)is 27" long, which not only enables most people to extend their legs when seated, but also provides more than ample room to comfortably stand up and take a shower without feeling cramped or confined. Also, the length of the well space coupled with the placement of the door hinges ensures that there is more than adequate clearance - 5" between the edge of the door and the pedestal of the seat - to open and close the door while seated.

Because of the ergonomically correct seat, the height of the tub, the length of the well space, and the placement of the overflow mechanism, it is possible for virtually anyone to be fully immersed in the bath water and to fully extend their legs to benefit from the effects of buoyancy.

There is a digital thermometer built into the bathtub that will display the temperature of the water beginning when the tub has filled to only 1.5" from the bottom.

For added safety and ease, The Olivia comes standard with an L-shaped stainless steel grab bar. This distinctive shape not only enables the bather to pull up from the seat, but also to use the horizontal part of the grab bar for support when standing and/or showering.

Every element and design feature of The Olivia is of the highest quality. No detail has been overlooked in our quest to provide our customers with a tub that will last for life and give them pleasure and ease of mind.

Please visit our website at for more information about this revolutionary new product.

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