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New York personal trainer Jay Salvati creates and shows us the secret to fat loss with his new weight loss program.

I created this weight loss program for people who were tired of all the weight loss lies

For the last 10 years, elite personal trainer Jay Salvati has been testing and tweaking his latest fat loss methods in his laboratory. You would expect his lab to be a spotless room filled with people walking around in white coats carrying beakers, but it's not. All of his testing has been with actual clients in gyms that resemble the one you are probably a member of right now.

For the last decade, Salvati has been teaching and training everyone from elite athletes to celebrities how to improve their physiques and performance. Lately, his newest weight loss discovery "The Secret 2 Fat Loss", has thousands of people flocking to his website The Secret 2 Fat Loss to purchase the program.

"I created this weight loss program for people who were tired of all the weight loss lies," said Jay Salvati, founder of The Secret 2 Fat Loss. "There are too many people being mislead about weight loss. They need something that can deliver fast, effective, and safe results without being too difficult to incorporate into their lifestyles. That's what this program can do for them."

In his weight loss program, Salvati tears through the modern day diet concepts and strips them down to simple, basic weight loss techniques that anyone can use. He also covers all of his own weight loss "secrets" that can lead to faster and safer weight loss.

The Secret 2 Fat Loss program is designed to give the average weight loss seeker an unfair advantage against the popular weight loss lies of today. There is also a detailed food listing that tells dieters exactly which foods to include in their diets.

"Losing weight is easy when you know exactly what works," added Jay. "The key is in simplifying that information and making it into a simple program that takes little time and energy to use. Now that everything you need to know is in one place, it makes achieving your weight loss goals a reality."

The Secret 2 Fat Loss will be released on Oct 1, 2008 with limited access given before then. The program covers all the important weight loss topics, plus some very controversial techniques that have been kept hidden from the population.

Those interested in losing weight fast can visit The Secret 2 Fat Loss and get several free gifts by joining their free fat loss newsletter. Included in the newsletter are interviews with other weight loss gurus and articles on the topics of weight loss, fat burning, muscle building, and food selection.

About The Secret 2 Fat Loss is an online weight loss program designed for maximum results. It is aimed at the struggling dieter who is looking for an honest weight loss solution, trusted weight loss tips and the quickest path to their weight loss success.

Jay Salvati, CEO
Mobile +1 917 405 6921
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