Latest Blog Post from Vegetarian Blog, Announces Reasons for Owning a Vegetarian Pet

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TheDailyRadish offers vegetarians the latest news and tips. In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler announces why people may consider making their dog or cat a fellow vegetarian.

Vegetarian Blog - Jenny Sangler

According to Dr. Lee, dogs and cats have entirely different nutritional needs. is one of the world’s most visited Vegetarian blogs. Offering daily tips and news to those enjoying a diet without meat, information can be read directly from their blog, or via a daily digest email.

Today, Jenny Sangler at published their latest post, titled “Should your Dog and Cat be Vegetarians, Too?”

Vegetarians and foodie fans can access the new blog post here:

In their latest blog post, Jenny Sangler explains that she and her husband decided to become vegetarians around 15 years ago, due in part to the concern for her husband’s health.

She goes on to explain that a friend of her casually inquired if Jenny and her husband had considered feeding their cat a vegetarian diet, too.

“I was a little embarrassed to tell her that a) I never thought of it and b) didn’t know if it was even possible. So I did what any self-respecting modern vegetarian would do: I looked it up,” Jenny says.

Conducting some research into the subject, Jenny points her readers towards an article by Dr. Justine Lee of PetMD, which explains that dogs and cats are not nutritionally equal.

Jenny makes it clear that, biologically, dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores. This is due to the lack of amino acid taurine in cats, which opens them up to many types of heart disease. While vegetarian and vegan diets do exist for people’s feline friends, they are never recommended.

“On the other hand, dogs are omnivores and their bodies do make taurine on their own as needed. So, you can make your dog a vegetarian if you really want to. But Dr. Lee advises that they probably won’t like it,” Jenny adds.

Jenny concludes her blog post by explaining that she intends to keep her cat on a meat diet, but would seriously consider otherwise if they owned a dog.

“I have to say that I’m relieved that I don’t have to go through the process of finding vegetarian cat food. However, should we ever get a dog, I would seriously consider a vegetarian diet for it,” she writes.

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