Author Blends Faith Across Cultures By Decoding Bible Symbols

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The Second Coming of Da Vinci is a compelling story of realization on Christianity as seen by a Hindu convert. Raju, who converted to Christianity due to dogmas from his birth religion and to escape burning in hell, became embroiled in his own dilemma about Christianity after reading The Da Vinci Code. The inquiry, “What do I really know about Jesus, my adopted savior?” lead him to seek a higher truth...

The Second Coming of Da Vinci

Creating a Game that All Faiths Unite in Love and Service.

"You are going to burn in Hell forever!"

Quite an opening line for a work of fiction - and, as it turns out - you can expect a good read from there on out (with an ending you won't see coming).

The story surrounds a Hindu boy who converts to Christianity - out of a deep desire to save himself from a hell very real to him. As a grown man, he stumbles into an incident which not only embroils him in disillusionment towards his faith but creates deep conflict. Making matters worse, this same conflict causes the young Christian convert to stand on the very edge of an abyss that threatens to engulf him: that of losing his faith in Christ - and God Himself...

Backtrack to 2003. Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code sparked a stirring intellectual debate surrounding the historical facts of the Church and Jesus Christ. Just as significant, were the gamut of emotions felt by many a faithful follower.

But this new element has entered the scene. The Second Coming of Da Vinci: Real Lost Symbols of the Bible presents an equally riveting fiction work: one that provokes profound thought within the highly personalized context and experiences of a single individual.

This is an ideas-driven, richly textured novel, weaving in and out of Eastern and Western philosophies, connecting the facts revealed for both. A powerfully moral book, it concerns itself with the choices one makes in life.

While the casual reader enjoys the fictional nature of the work, conversely the serious reader appreciates the simplicity with which the facets of deep spirituality are made. Without going into deep theological comparisons, The Second Coming of Da Vinci comes to the aid of those who desire to delve deep in the subject of religiosity.

Conversely, for those readers who feel betrayed by their God, their religion, or these trying times we live in, one finds comfort in True Understanding. They can find that regaining hope - and the courage - to stand up and face their own personal challenges is possible, with the conviction that better times are not far off.

The Second Coming of Da Vinci answers the human inquiry surrounding God and religion - decoding the truly lost symbols. And in so doing, invites one and all to open their hearts to love and in turn, to living itself.

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