Offers Free Meditation Download Creating a Personalized Spiritual Practice in Just Minutes

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The Serenity is now offering a free meditation audio download program that induces a deep state of meditation within minutes, and helps users guide themselves to create their own personalized spiritual practice. For more detailed information, visit:

Meditation - Relaxation for the Restless Soul

Relaxation Techniques

The connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body is relaxation.

A free meditation audio download program is being offered by The Serenity Path that induces a deep state of meditation within minutes, and helps users guide themselves to create their own personalized spiritual practice. Playable through a computer or iPhone/Android smartphone, users are encouraged to download the free meditation and experience a deeper state of calm that then guides them to create their own customized spiritual practice based on where they are currently in their lives.

Users can download the free track and get started in a matter of minutes.

The Serenity uses a patent pending meditation technology that produces an enlightened state of mind, and a still and calm connection between the brain and body at the push of a button. Using the proven technology of binaural beats combined with the latest in neuroscience and brain research, The Serenity Path is the first product to allow the creation of a personalized and custom experience for each user through the use its “Mass Customization Software.”

After experiencing the calm flowing relief of the initial meditation, users guide themselves on a self-directed assessment to create their own personalized spiritual practice. Using a combination of ancient and modern techniques including meditation, visualization, affirmations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and somatic release, users craft a personalized practice that is customized specifically to their personality, lifestyle and the time they have available each day or week to connect with it.

Based on the idea that “one size doesn’t fit all,” the product’s creator, Mike Evans, traveled the globe in search of advice from the world’s top spiritual and scientific minds. His journeys lead him to one-on-one conversations with the Dalia Lama, Deepak Chopra, author and cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawking, MIT artificial intelligence lab founder, Dr. Marvin Minsky, Harvard professor and biologist Dr. E.O. Wilson, and brain science author Steven Pinker among others.

Regarding this research, Evans stated last week, “I realized that I needed a spiritual practice that worked for where I was now in the present moment and not some strict dogmatic take-it-or-leave-it solution that seems to have alienated so many people I talked to.” In his quest to carry this message to the wider world Evans also worked in the White House for President Bill Clinton and starred in the Triton Films release “The Last Party” (1993) with the actor Robert Downey Jr.

About The Serenity Path:

The Serenity ( is produced by Mind Simplicity Inc., the most forward thinking of the new crop of online personal development companies to emerge at the start of the 21st century. One key difference is that the product’s Mike Evans, uses the techniques taught in the products on a regular basis and blogs about his experience giving current and potential customers a firsthand account of the benefits they can expect.

As an online publishing company dedicated to “helping to raise the consciousness of the human race,” Mind Simplicity Inc. merges 5000 years of spiritual teaching with the latest in neuroscience and human brain research to create products that transform users into the most complete human beings of the 21st Century. Mind Simplicity Inc. meets with, and works with the world’s most cutting edge and highly respected scientists, authors and thinkers to create products and experiences that propel the human race forward.

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