Molding Global Mindsets: The Stimulus Effect and Traduc will Begin Delivering “Globalized” Tutoring Services that Redefine National Borders and Disabilities in 2013

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The global economy continues to be challenged. Societies continue to grapple with profound social, geo-political, and cultural obstacles. What do students need to succeed in this complex environment? The Stimulus Effect and Traduc know it's about more than building fundamental skills; more importantly, it’s about building a transformational global perspective.

Customized courses...tailored to ...individual learning styles and geared toward building globalized perspectives

Students need the analytical skills to view the dimensions of issues from varied perspectives. Students need the creative skills to devise innovative solutions to problems. Students need the cultural capital to interface with diverse populations, and confront global challenges. Students need the ‘internationalized’ mindset to engage with global conditions and effectively confront, and later combat, global challenges. Through a partnership, set for March 2013,The Stimulus Effect and Traduc will answer the call by delivering tutoring services that prepare students for a globalized environment, while guiding students with special needs.

Since 2008, Traduc has set out to revolutionize language education through customized services that are tailored to maximizing students’ individual learning styles, meeting their unique goals, and preparing them to take advantage of the opportunities that the “internationalized” environment offers. Translation services, test prep for international exams (including the TEFL, TESOL, and GRE), and tailored English courses are just some of the company’s offerings. The company was originally established in Chile; but, after leading hundreds of students to enhanced English proficiency over the last 4 years, the organization is eager to expand its North American reach. “Traduc was developed by a team of linguists and educators whose main goal is to provide effective and long-lasting learning opportunities for children and adults who are English Language Learners (ELLs),” says the co-founder of Traduc, Natalia Sáez. “With The Stimulus Effect’s focus on providing customized, internationalized education through online and in-person formats, we’ll definitely be able to leverage, and further grow, our strategic advantages.”

In blending The Stimulus Effect’s and Traduc’s focus on providing tailored, student-centered, and globalized education, the companies’ educational services will be typified by the following hallmarks:

  •     Customized courses that are tailored to students’ individual learning styles, and build globalized perspectives across business, language, math, science, writing, and many other subject areas
  •     Content that's customized to students’ unique interests and goals, and promotes an internationally informed, cosmopolitan outlook
  •     Premium translation services for companies, organizations, and higher educational institutions that meet the needs of the international marketplace and environment
  •     Effective and economical educational services that allow students to achieve ambitious goals that result in transformative leadership in the global economy

From demonstrating how regression analysis can be used to forecast the spread of diseases to reflective pieces on the effects of war on families, the companies will provide educational services that build the global mindset and insight that can drive substantive change.

However, perhaps among the greatest results of The Stimulus Effect’s and Traduc’s partnership is expanded services for students with special needs. Traduc has launched a successful venture to offer English-language education to blind adults in Chile, and The Stimulus Effect is interested in establishing similar efforts in the United States and abroad. “Our slogan is ‘define your genius,’ for a reason," says Arziki Phenyo, co-founder of The Stimulus Effect. "From students with autism to those with dyslexia, we’ve used a number of scaffolded, tailored exercises to show students that achievement—and intelligence as a whole—is not a static force; rather, it is one that can be grown, enhanced, and refined throughout life with the right supports, resources, and in the end, motivation. I’m confident that Traduc and The Stimulus Effect will demonstrate that students can define their possibilities rather than be defined by their conditions."

With their records of excellence, The Stimulus Effect and Traduc are well on their way to helping students achieve their educational and personal goals. Between the two organizations, nearly 2000 students—from ages 6 to 54—have been able to excel in rigorous courses, ace challenging standardized tests, gain prestigious secondary and post-secondary degrees, and ultimately develop the skills they need to engage in formative, lifelong learning. In addition, the directors of both companies have the knowledge bases to move both organizations forward. Ms. Phenyo is pursuing her Ph.D. in cognitive science while Ms. Sáez is pursuing her second masters in applied linguistics, both at Columbia University. Under this leadership, The Stimulus Effect and Traduc will do more than deliver globalized educational services; perhaps, they will equip students with the skills to change the world.

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