Sharing Large Video Files Online Through ShareLocker™

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Director/Cinematographer/Editor uses ShareLocker feature in Tilana Reserve for secure delivery of rich media files to clients.

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Protection, Access, Synchronization, Anytime, Anywhere, Always™

When Portland, Ore.-based filmmaker Paul Peterson needs to deliver digital video and music files he now uses ShareLocker as the drop point where only intended recipients can retrieve them securely.

The new sharing feature of online backup, sync, and archive service Tilana Reserve works as a business critical distribution method for delivery of files otherwise too large to send as email attachments. For Mr. Peterson, who operates his business ( from a home studio/office, this not only represents a savings of time and money, but also a reliable alternative to physically shipping these files on DVD or other portable storage media.

"It works great for general availability of finished works, and for easy and safe transfer of unfinished works that need to be kept under wraps while in review," says Paul Peterson. "It's a more sophisticated way to deliver digital content. Sending large files to clients used to take at least a full day at best, which included burning and shipping a disk through an express courier. Now it's as easy as right-clicking on a file and, once the file's uploaded to ShareLocker, I'm done with a URL sent in an email."

With an automatically generated ShareLocker link, Paul now has the ability quickly and easily send any kind of file, of any size, to anyone - with or without settings like security password, maximum number of downloads, and download expiration.

One of Paul's finished music videos (in a larger 720p format, with a file size of 835MB) is available at the following ShareLocker URL:

A smaller compressed version of the file is on display for preview at Paul's Web site. He recently gave ShareLocker a try, having learned of it after its launch in November 2008 while looking for a better online transfer mechanism than manual FTP to the limited publishing storage on his web site, and shopping through the available selection of large email attachment sending services.

"I'm really surprised at how easy it is to use, and with how well ShareLocker works, continues Paul. "I started with the free 2GB trial but it's so reasonably priced that paying up for the standard account was a real no-brainer."

Already hooked on the ShareLocker feature, Paul us only just beginning to get to know everything else that comes with it in Tilana Reserve. He plans to expand his use of the service to also benefit from instant automatic online backup and lossless deletion of finished projects from different workstations.

ShareLocker is a completely new facet to the already unique Tilana Reserve tool set, which includes schedule-free instant real-time backup, perpetual storage for deleted files (off-site archive), and automatic file and folder synchronization with unlimited version history.

Any file on a Tilana Reserve enabled PC can be shared instantly through the same remote storage space, whether it's already backed up or not. Files that are backed up in the data center can be deleted from the PC and left archived in the remote storage space indefinitely.

Users of the free 12-month Tilana Reserve account can get more storage space by upgrading at any time to a paid account.

The (multi-computer) Pro Sync Account is $49.95 per year and includes 30GB of backup, sync, and archive for unlimited computers ($0.50/GB/mo over 30GB additional).

The (single computer) Standard Unlimited Backup account is also $49.95 per year and includes unlimited backup for any single computer, regardless of its hard disk storage capacity (Ongoing archive storage for version history and deleted files over 30GB is $0.50/GB/mo).

Both $49.95/yr accounts, as well as the free 12-month account, are all available at the Tilana Reserve web site (

Tilana Reserve goes beyond leading simple backup offerings, to offer multi-computer sync and backup, along with user managed archive enabling customers to remove content that's no longer needed on their computers, but that still needs to be saved and accessed in secure, dependable storage.

None of the leading online backup solutions allow files to remain in their data centers for more than 30 days after they've been deleted from protected computers that use their backup services. If a file is accidentally deleted from the protected computer the customer only has a month to notice that it's gone in order to retrieve the file before it is permanently deleted.

Much more than online backup alone, online storage with Tilana Reserve automatically includes archive storage in the data center, billed at $0.50/GB/mo beyond the 30GB included in the flat annual account pricing, all in the 100% user managed secure and web accessible Personal Digital Archive™.

About Tilana Systems Corporation:
San Diego based Tilana Systems Corporation brings true value to cloud storage, by providing continuous data protection, permanent archival, web & mobile access, version history, and multi-computer synchronization on one balanced, quickly deployed, versatile, and extensible online CDP data protection and storage based synchronization platform.

Storage systems built on the Tilana Cloud platform provide end users the best kind of data protection, with encrypted true real time CDP ("Continuous Data Protection" from automated schedule-free immediate backup transfers), automated multi-computer content synchronization, and secure remote archive, with unlimited version history that enables instant any-point-in-time content recovery from PCs, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

Please visit for more information on Tilana RealCDP and Tilana Systems Corp.

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