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The garage, whether attached or detached from a home, may go ignored when it comes to home security, but it is a point of potential weakness in the eyes of burglars. The security experts at AlarmSystemReport.com put together a list of tips to help homeowners protect their garage from the threat of crime.

Home Security Tips Sheet - Security System Reviews
Garages are one of the most vulnerable places in a home for a burglary.

Many homes have garages, whether they be attached or detached, and regardless of the type of garage a homeowner may have, it is an area that should be protected. Despite the fact that many burglars find their way into the home through the garage, it is an area that often goes ignored when homeowners are planning their security and alarm systems.

The first way to protect a garage from the threat of a break-in is to arm it with a security system. If the garage is attached to the home, the alarm system in the garage can be linked to the wiring of the rest of the home’s system. If it is detached, there are also a number of simple wireless options a homeowner can select. Many alarm system companies have wireless and cellular options that will work well for a garage, and homeowners can also select DIY equipment for the garage, to save money.

In addition to arming the garage with an alarm system, the experts at AlarmSystemReport.com, a site dedicated to providing home security alarm system reviews, put together a list of tips homeowners can follow to ensure their garage is protected.

1. Frost or cover garage windows. Looking into garage windows is a good way for a criminal to tell whether or not a home’s residents are present, so by covering these windows, a homeowner is leaving the would-be burglar guessing as to whether or not the house is occupied.

2. Install a peephole in the door leading from the house to your garage. If a homeowner hears a suspicious sound or activity in the garage, a peephole is a good way to get a look at what’s going on, without putting themself in a potentially dangerous situation.

3. Don’t leave a garage door opener in the car. This is particularly true for homeowners that don’t park inside the garage, instead leaving the car in the driveway or on the street. Leaving a garage door opener in the car is like leaving a criminal the key to the home.

4. During vacations, a homeowner should either disable the overhead garage door, or install a lock to prevent it from being opened. This can be completed by unplugging the garage door opener, padlocking the latch, or putting a bolt through the holes of the track of the door.

5. Always keep garage doors closed, even when at home. Driving down a suburban street, there are often a number of garage doors left wide open for long periods of time, but this is an open invitation to burglars. Always close the garage door, and if a homeowner is worried about forgetting, a timer can be installed that will close the garage automatically, after a certain amount of time has passed.

6. Keep the door between the house and the garage locked at all times.

7. Invest in a quality garage door opener. Often, faulty garage door openers will open a garage door without a homeowners’ knowledge, so find equipment that is going to work properly, and not leave a home open to potential threats.

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