Reveals the Top 20 US Cities to Find a Sugar Daddy

Which cities are you most likely to find yourself a Sugar Daddy?, the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website, announces the results of its study and names the Top 20 US cities with the most number of Sugar Daddies. Topping the list of US cities with the most sugar daddies are: San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Hartford, Miami, New York, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa, Denver, Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Charlotte and Phoenix.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 02, 2012, the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website, today announces the results of its study on The Sugar Daddies of America.

According to, the average Sugar Daddy in the United States is 39 years old and 41.2% are married. He makes an average annual income of US$263,589, is worth about US$5.6 Million, and spends approximately US$4,357 a month on his sugar addiction. As for his sugar preferences, 95.6% are heterosexual, 3.8% are homosexual, and 0.6% are bisexual.

“There is a stereotype that a Sugar Daddy is a rich but old and lecherous man. This stereotype cannot be more wrong,” says Brandon Wade the Founder & CEO of “We have seen the age of Sugar Daddies fall from 44 to 39 years old in the past five years. Today, the average US sugar daddy is a handsome and generous gentleman in the prime of his life.”

So which cities do you have the best chance of finding yourself a Sugar Daddy? today announces the top 20 cities with the largest number of Sugar Daddies per capita.

Top 20 Sugar Daddy Cities based on the number of sugar daddies per 1000 adult men:

1. San Francisco, CA – 3.51    
2. Boston, MA – 2.47
3. Austin, TX – 2.35
4. Las Vegas, NV – 2.32
5. Los Angeles, CA – 2.31
6. Washington, DC – 2.24
7. Hartford, CT – 2.21
8. Miami, FL – 2.14
9. New York, NY – 2.10
10. San Diego, CA – 1.85
11. Seattle, WA – 1.83
12. Tampa, FL – 1.79
13. Denver, CO – 1.72
14. Orlando, FL – 1.69
15. New Orleans, LA – 1.68
16. Dallas, TX – 1.54
17. Salt Lake City, UT – 1.50
18. Atlanta, GA – 1.41
19. Charlotte, NC – 1.37
20. Phoenix, AZ – 1.31

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Launched in 2006, has become the world's largest sugar daddy and sugar baby social network. Today, the website boasts over 1.2 million users, and has been featured in national media including Dr. Phil, CNN Headline News, ABC 20/20 and the New York Times. Brandon Wade, the website's founder is an online dating expert who also founded, and, and an author who wrote the book "Connecting with the In-Crowd" and "The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships".


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